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The girl-friend Leonardo DiKaprio have publicly undressed

the Top - models Giselle Bundhen have paid $50 thousand for an exit on a podium in underwear

the Most known stamp of lingerie Victoria`s Secret has decided to give Americans really a fantastic Christmas gift. The company which has become famous for sexual lines of intimate subjects of clothes, has sent in tour Angela round America the five of the most known supermodels for today.

in the five angels supermodels of Hajdi Klum, Adriana Lima, Tajra Benks and Alessandra Ambrozio have entered the bride Leonardo DiKaprio Giselle Bundhen.

By the way that girl-friend DiKaprio and black a top - model of Tajra Benks left once on a podium in underwear, owners of the company pay in it about 90 thousand dollars. And contracts of models with manufacturers of linen pull in the sum on 34 million dollars. Therefore to get on matchless displays of underwear to the mere mortal while it is unreal. In a kind of seminude models the Hollywood celebrities can take pleasure only.

this autumn organizers have decided to set for the first time art to weights. They have not stinted at all to rent the jet plane, that angels could in literal sense poporhat over the largest American cities. The occurrence of supermodel called an inconceivable agiotage. The people simply crowds have run together to look at the best bodies in the world. However, simple people again could not look actually at underwear demonstration. Happy remained only selected, with might and main eulogising sustained in pink tones new before - a Christmas collection.

however, angels nevertheless have called the occurrence discontent a small part of a society. Indignation has followed from outside defenders of animals as models in every possible way represented from themselves such constantly fighting glamour pink kitties.

young ladies have disagreed concerning this original a reality - show. Some as, in particular, Hajdi Klum, at all was not pleasant to be constantly in an environment of the same beautiful young women, as well as it. Probably, the model envied that monasteries of the temptress should be divided into a five. However, other girls have not supported it and constantly extolled idea to unite them under one an angelic wing .

Boriss MARKS.