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Care about own health in our hands

How here not to remember the well-known: It would be desirable in holiday - to what it? yes to that in the spring the organism submits to us disturbing signals. Was tired! Help! And it is right. Here both spring depression, and an avitaminosis, and many other things, collected for long winter. And we fine understand that it is necessary to do and correct urgently something a situation.

but these problems are characteristic for inhabitants of all globe. For this reason in all civilised countries each person respecting begins day with vitamin additional charge of an organism.

It would be desirable all and at once

However, and we in the country of vitamins more than have enough. Sometimes even you are lost and you do not know what to choose. After all it would be desirable, that there was also a full complex of vitamins and mineral substances, and without the sugar maintenance, both purposeful action, and modern design. A leah here it only is possible? It appears, what yes.

In Europe here four years vitamins Energit use the raised demand. Leaning against the newest technologies, scientific corporations VITAR have developed a series of production with improving properties. And today under stamp Energit Open Company VITAR company offers wide assortment of vitamin complexes and vitamin freshening pastilok Vitar Mint and mentolovyh pastilok Cool & Fresh.

Feel a difference

Distinctive feature of these vitamins that they are intended for various levels of population is. For example, vitamin Energit Multi containing vitamins C, And, E, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, is useful to pregnant women, teenagers, sportsmen, persons of advanced age, the smokers who are taking alcoholic drinks and those who keeps to a diet.

and here Energit With, its name speaks about the vitamin C maintenance. It helps an organism to acquire iron and calcium and is very important for our immune system.

specially for children is Energit Kids. These vitamins are useful to children is more senior seven years, especially during the winter and spring period. They contain With, And, E, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 3 and calcium.

very popular complex in Europe Energit TIR is recommended to drivers, dispatchers and representatives of those trades when removal of weariness and the raised concentration of attention is required. It contains vitamins A, With, caffeine and an extract guarany, known still to ancient Indians.

Energit Mineral contains vitamins: With, calcium and magnesium. It is recommended at stress and an organism overload, at the increased physical and mental loading, and also at cold and infectious diseases.

to protect our organism from free radicals in the polluted environment, physicians advise to accept Energit Anti - oxidant which contains vitamins: And, With, E, beta - carotin.

important worthiness of vitamins Energit is that they are made without sugar addition. It allows to recommend to their people, a suffering affliction diabetes, but, certainly, within the limits of the diet established by the doctor. However, there is an accurate dosage of acceptance of these vitamins. And, despite their excellent taste, it is possible to accept only certain quantity pastilok a day.

vitamins Energit are on sale both in drugstores, and in usual grocery shops and supermarkets. Here you can get an order of ten versions vitamin pastilok Energit, four kinds pastilok Vitar Mint and two kinds mentolovyh pastilok Cool & Fresh. And convenient packing (a flat metal box) will allow you to hold always near at hand these vitamins. And applying them as a daily vitamin complex, you can support immunity and health of all members of your family.

Inna Svechenovsky.