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Fifty want to be Valera as early as years!

Leontev - the actor not too eager before interview. The reason sounds itself: For these years with me, seemingly, already about all have talked over! and nevertheless he has agreed to talk to correspondents. A meeting have appointed behind side scenes BKZ October . When we have appeared on a threshold of its make-up room, Valery Jakovlevich... Learnt the text. here, have invited to conduct the next anniversary evening! Me something more often recently will involve in quality of the compere - he straight off admitted. And, without having missed a case, has joked: Probably, hint that gradually it is necessary to change a trade!

- In the course of time you practically do not change. Valery Leontev is all time something young, tightened, in the excellent form. Fifty five years, and all Valera, Valera! Perhaps, already it would be desirable, that Valery Jakovlevich named? And the solid suit, repertoire is quieter - in kobzonovskom style?

- well, here they impose me it! My relatives! Some years try to name me Valery Jakovlevich. It irritates me, and I, happen, them I imitate. I speak Valery and further absolutely unprintable word I use instead of JAkovlevich what is good with it is rhymed. Ha - ha - ha!

- So, no sensation of solidity is present?

- Yes, no, to the contrary, I would like to be Valera as early as years fifty!

- you, by the way, do not leave from a scene, triumphally to it do not come back, farewell tour for ten years forward the painted do not do...

-... And pauses I do not take! And already late a pause - that to take! Up to the end now I will be... At me the biggest break was through illness - fifty days. I thought that I will howl that I will roar bitter tears: Ah! I want on a scene! anything similar! As sober as a judge! To the contrary, it was difficult to come back then in a mode.

- now directly - taki legends go about your son.

- looking whom from them you mean! Them at me three: one - Patrick who was born from our rough communication with Lima at the time of the Opening day . It is hidden in America by Ljusja. Poor Ljusja - all on it falls! Ha - ha - ha! Patrick at us goes to college and studies as the lawyer.

the second - has appeared recently. ljusja has adopted the Russian boy - the emigrant and has hidden its houses. I still do not know about it, I will arrive, there will be a surprise! The third, and third who?

- well, as - Sasha Bogdanovich. The son and the personal sport instructor! It is as like as two peas, too sings, the father helps it with promotion...

- and - and! God ordered! Two drops... Ha - ha - ha!

- but if it is serious after all each man at certain age starts to reflect on the fellow-heir or about a daughter beautiful.

- Well, here, all sang yes sang! As in Krylov`s fable: Glorious summer has sung . Has sung... From time to time really you catch yourself on thought: Somebody it is necessary . Except newspaper - that of children! I do not know, a leah it is necessary to these to share... Offers and so arrive.

- It is said that you the unpretentious actor. How it corresponds with pathos to which owe itself, on idea, surround a star of your level?

- it is necessary to me a little. And if I also support in any image this pathos, I do it for public. They would like to see a star in a limousine, instead of on a Zhiguli . But I... Here to me in Peter reserve a limousine, and I say that is inconvenient to approach on it to October . In a hall is Volga I can and to arrive on it. It is not necessary for me much, but to support in consciousness of public an image of a star sometimes happens it is necessary.

- And pink jackets Do not support at public representation about Leonteve - a star?

- pink jackets? Understand, all this history with Phillip confirms opinion that there is a different journalism. Military, when people leave life to inform to public of a particle of truth. Social - it investigates public problems. And there is a journalism when the editor speaks to the correspondent in the morning: About everybody. Any material, only that it was read, that was on sale! the person goes and writes about Patrick Leonteva who hides in Miami.

- but, in my opinion, you in such situation would not lead, as Phillip.

- who knows - would restrain? While I restrain. But if within ten years about my sperm would write on the first pages of newspapers who knows? I simply personally saw article about inability Pugachevoj to a child-bearing and about Kirkorov`s rotten sperm. On - to mine, before them so anybody has not apologised till now.

- I have asked, because about ten years ago on your concerts girls in pink jackets actively went. It after was the song Drawing . There there are lines: I Will draw day of a meeting on a blank leaf, I will decorate it in bright - pink colour . Came in pink and shouted: I am Margarita!

- I do not remember! In total you will not remember, all songs and jackets!

- and all envelopes with inscriptions I can be useful to you absolutely gratuitously which to you on a scene throw, - I saw.

- and, it! Who would know, what services mean! Though I fairly look through these letters. Mail changes in due course. Earlier was the creativity analysis much. People wrote what to add, what to clean from a concert. Sent the whole scenarios. Such letters was practically half-and-half with letters of the romantic maintenance. Now the analysis has disappeared, there were love letters and give money! . Then, except letters: at me more recently the mobile phone began to be broken off simply from calls of people which I do not know. Though long kept - year or two. And here one week ago it has blown up also three days ringed without ceasing on end...

-... And?

- I have changed number and the block for it have put!
poklon1@kppublish. ru
Foto Stasa LEVSHIN.

R S. in Petersburg gives thanks BKZ October for the help in the organisation of interview also wishes a hall happy birthday.