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Horoscope from November, 22 till November, 28th

Here comes to an end an autumn. Fluffy snow will shroud trees, and for the weekend it is possible to go with friends to ski and play snowballs. Now leisure becomes brighter and more various.
take vacation before New year. In - the first, you will have time to understand with all holiday efforts, in - the second, can give enough attention to the house.
Now the most convenient time for travel. While at us cold, dank weather, go - ka you where - nibud to the warm countries.
Life gets iridescent paints. Gain strength to defend the rights to work, and for the weekend prepare something interesting long still to remember this weekend.
the LION
Approaches session, and at you still the horse did not roll. All of you can be in time, but only if right now will start to study. Remember that it is important for your future.
Remember: there is nobody who could cope with this work better you! And what magnificent possibility to prove. After such you absolutely precisely promote.
It is time to replace conditions. But it is not necessary to change apartment or work for this purpose. Simply rearrange furniture. And whenever possible and wall-paper re-stick. So we will overcome autumn depression!
Pleasant unexpectedness for you becomes the monetary award. It means that you can safely call to friends and accept their invitation because spare cash at you is now!
to Whom as not to you will be possible to locate strongly for two weeks on a new workplace, to gain trust of the chief and to achieve respect of new collective.
This week will please you with considerable purchase. Interesting, and a leah you are ready to new expenses which by all means will arise in connection with car purchase?
All develops successfully, continue in the same spirit: work, work and more time work. Here will see, you will soon is every day black caviar.
From - for your new passions have become aggravated relations with parents. No, of course, your life, but it is necessary to notice it that behaviour your selected simply shockingly! Reflect, whether it that you searched.