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Sealing business

Some competent opinions on an urgent problem

Sealing building for last two has turned year to a proof shortcut which with pleasure hang on any new building. It is necessary to tell sealing building as mass-media rush on population protection, and in a head of the inhabitant the accurate association with the bulldozers storming unfortunate grandmothers with posters works. Actually so-called struggle against sealing building has already turned for a long time to the steady shadow business, making profit to its participants. Managed to one of them to talk our correspondent.

- let`s begin that is called from an oven . Whence on a broader scale there was a problem of sealing building?

- the reasons here a little. First of all, the out-of-date general layout of a development of the city which accepted in 1985. On the one hand, nobody knew, than the declared Reorganization will turn back, and with another - in a city there were enough waste grounds which were planned under new building. When building has fallen these territories began to turn to vacation spots, vygula dogs, unapproved dumps and etc. And now suddenly there there is a fence, building begins. An elementary psychological collision: the habitual world falls, that is why you are dissatisfied. Add here inability of our people to conduct meaningful dialogue - and, please, the conflict is ready.

and the second reason consists that any building is a way to earn money, and frequently - not only for the companies erecting habitation. At us in legislative base such confusion that on point And always there will be a point contradicting it In . For example, in legal practice there is no term sealing building . Thereby practically it is possible to name any building sealing .

- How it is possible to earn on sealing building?

- the most widespread way to take out from the builder money - blackmail. A banal example: the company receives the governmental order about building and suddenly faces serious problems. Inhabitants actively hold a meeting, bajkotirujut public hearings, administration of area and representatives of municipal bodies act categorically against building and etc. to resolve these problems, builders are frequently urged to pay. The average price public approval in certain cases reaches 50 thousand dollars.

or one more widespread situation - struggle of interests of commercial structures. For example, in a building zone there are tents or stalls, and in the new house is planned to place shop. In a sharing a pie Sealing building participate almost all: representatives of local administration, municipal bodies and professional picketers. As customers of this struggle act or owners of the shops located on this place, or the competing building companies, aspiring to weaken another`s positions in the market. The sums of payments each time vary, but the order is approximately that: tenants next houses receive for active performances from 500 to 3000 roubles a day, the active worker regulating hearing - 100 dollars in day, the operator removing hearings on video - 50 dollars for shooting and etc. Thus munitsipaly arrive rather artfully. Directly they of money do not take. From their name the paying party builds a sports construction, breaks square or other object of social purpose. When there comes report time suddenly it appears that have constructed object on municipal union money.

- a seamy side it turns out. Really there are no those who on - fair struggles against sealing building as builders too are not always right.

- it is unconditional. Actually, these cases also have created an aura of heroes round fighters with sealing building. Undoubtedly, in a city there are cases of new building at which the rights of citizens are restrained, and at times very strongly. Not without reason at government sessions almost every week it is cancelled a little doubtful orders of the previous administration of Petersburg. Other question that all understand - it is necessary to build. I know that the city administration gradually starts to develop the new earths under building. Already some hectares of the earth will be prepared for the middle of next year in the remote parts of a city. It will strike the big blow to our business. Actually, already it is now clear that its terms konechny - three years as the governor confirms. Well anything, we still will think up something. The civil code and other Russian laws allow it...

it is competent

the Director of management of preparation of projects of the company Northern city Evgenie Natalenko:

- In many respects thanks to mass-media whatever project was considered, for townspeople it always sealing building. Thus frequently without attention there is very important thing: the situation which has developed in a building complex has arisen not yesterday and it will be resolved not

is momentary. Both the authorities and builders understand that sealing building has become obsolete, but it cannot be eliminated suddenly. The city should develop, receipts in the budget and the projects, capable to bring the money necessary for development of depressive territories behind a limit of a city today are necessary to it, therefore today we play by the rules established many years ago. The new city administration understands all importance of a question and accepts necessary steps under the current situation permission. Not, however, that such position understand the fact and townspeople accept. It seems to them that easier to leave to Smolnomu and to complain of infringement of their interests, than dialogue to understand, what blessings will bring or realisation of the project of new building will not bring to all quarter.

does not please also strengthening in consciousness of townspeople of opinion that builders always do not listen to their arguments and will construct the house by all means. We have an example on one of addresses when we have refused building in spite of the fact that the house under all permissions, norms and requirements could be constructed. When we together with the deputy

ZakSa Paul Soltanom have left to the place of prospective building, have examined it, have exchanged pros and cons, it became clear that the new house will really constrain and will change conditions of residing of inhabitants this quarter. It is assured, such examples a civilised exchange of arguments is not only at us.

the city administration is anxious by search of the compromise concerning city building, it is not necessary away from problems, therefore in the spring and the law " has been passed; About participation of citizens in town-planning activity establishing the civilised connexion between all participants of process.

the chairman of the board of Open Society ON Lenstrojmaterialy Dmitry Ignatyev:

- the Conflict between builders and inhabitants is created is artificial. It is favourable to someone to call an agiotage round each under construction house. Certainly, any investor wants to come on a ready stain where communications are already laid, the infrastructure is adjusted, and not to spend huge money for a spadework. And the city should solve these questions. That is to sell svodobnye places for building. Another matter - the administration can lay down a condition that the investor is obliged something to make for area. We will tell, to plant trees and shrubs in square, to equip a children`s playground or to settle some communal flats. And as to public hearings, I consider this practice unacceptable and even vicious. They could take place under condition of the statement of the list of socially significant objects in which occasion it is possible and it is necessary to carry out hearings. For example, the historical centre, parks, monuments. But to consider opinion of laymans on each object it is unreasonable.

Sergey Djukov Has prepared.
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