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Fans have crushed the substitutes

TraditsionnyjDen Zenith fans have devoted 20 - letiju a gold season

Have started to mark even in the morning - on to Change football tournament in which commands of the channel of RTR, " have taken part has taken place; OfSajt Zenith - 84 and the National team of fans Zenith . In the ending fans and " have converged; Zenith - 84 . And here there was something: with the devastating bill 5:1 the National team of fans has won against champions of the USSR of 1984! And goalkeeper Vladimir Bugaev has beaten off a penalty which was punched by Yury Zheludkov!

evening became not less feerichnym. A feast Venue have chosen club the Old house . Nearby 700 persons in roses have hammered in a hall to the full. As leaders of a feast the veteran of fan movement Valery Iljunin more known as Sabonis, and also the leader of the program " have acted; Football 1 Vladimir Stoljarov.

- Irrespective of the taken place, for us Zenith - the champion, - has sounded the general opinion of Joiners from a scene. - you like not be pleasant in the morning as your wife looks, but all of you equally it love. As - with zenith .

Stepping on the stage groups Stress the Team contract the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY Tusks Kukryniksy have got mad support of a hall. And Sabonis even has sung known to All of us on a drum - we support Zenith from a scene together with the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY .

Also on a scene rewarding by T-shirts and balls of the seven fans who have made " has taken place; a gold season that is visited on all house and away matches Zenith including abroad.

Anna KOSTROVA. pe@kppublish. ru