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Stadium of Kirov will take down for the sake of elite habitation?

deputies of Petersburg ZakSa have opposed this idea

Thousand Petersburg fans Zenith with delight have made the decision of the city government on building of new stadium on 50 thousand spectator places on crossing of prospectuses of Blucher, Half-Justrovsky and Laboratory street. However round building, seemingly, becomes ripe the big scandal.

the project of new sports arena is estimated in 150 million dollars. To a city to lay out so a great sum, naturally, not under force. Means, it is necessary to give something as indemnification to the investor. The presumable choice has fallen on a site on Krestovsky island on which the stadium of a name of Kirov settles down. Last together with a line the Neva ring not completed bicycle track, the rowing channel it was offered... To take down. On the released huge area in 67 hectares, according to a number of sources, it is planned to construct elite habitation. However, the decision it was only legal - any orders and decrees nobody signed.

past week against this idea the group of deputies of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg has acted. At session of the Commission on municipal economy, town-planning and agrarian questions members of parliament have decided to be converted to the governor with the request not to admit a pulling down of stadium of a name of Kirov. Deputy Arcady Kramarev initiated question consideration at session.

As has explained a press - the secretary of the governor Natalia Kutobaeva, concerning any building on Krestovsky island and already especially a pulling down of stadium of a name of Kirov the government yet did not accept any decisions.

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