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Regina Dubovitsky: Petrosyan calls to me every day

we Will remind that on the night of May, 5th Regina Dubovitsky with humourist Elena Vorobej had an accident in Montenegro (see for May, 7th of this year) . Regina sat on a forward seat, and Elena behind, both have not been fastened. In the dark the driver has not managed to drive and ran into a concrete protection. Regina has strongly hit a head and has seriously hurt a foot.
Today the most terrible for the permanent leader the Notice already behind. Therefore correspondents have decided to come to see Dubovitsky in hospital chamber. Regina at first was taken aback from our unexpected visit, but then has charmingly smiled:
- I here have no time to miss. Friends constantly come. Lena the Sparrow and has at all registered in hospital. Recently was with the daughter, I simply adore them! The four-year babe has presented to me a plush kitten. And a card which itself has signed. And I do not despair. After all the most important thing - we remained are live.
- And you remember, how all happens?
- Is not present. I have come to the senses in hospital, nichegoshenki I do not remember. As went, blow... Only then to me Lena the Sparrow has told all.

Regina Dubovitsky in two weeks is going to rise for feet.
- By the way, hearings went that from Montenegro to Moscow you almost a special flight brought. Truth?
- Is not present that you! - laughs Dubovitsky. - the Most usual plane. I am very grateful to children - to pilots who carried me on hands literally. Have very carefully laid in plane salon. I have taken already three places at once! From the airport to hospital of a name of Burdenko me have brought on Fast . Thanks Vladimir Vinokuru, it has recommended us this hospital and with doctors herself has agreed. He here when - that was treated after failure. Too a foot has broken.
- And how the driver, from - for which you have got to failure?
- you know, I at all did not expect, but he will call my husband! Offered the help. But we to it have told that no any claims we have.
- Competitors - that you rejoice, probably, that you have temporarily failed?
- Yes that you?! Petrosyan here calls every day, worries. About health consults. And I recover on the sly. Still couple of weeks, also I will start to walk. And in a month I need to participate in shootings, to make up for the missed.