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Aliens ask the price of Russia?

circles from polegshej wheat is found out on fields in settlement Znamensky. A phenomenon known, for a long time observed almost worldwide, but and not solved. Though many do not doubt that ears are trampled down by newcomers.
the First that correspondents " have seen; having arrived into place, - a beaten path from road in the field (local earth dwellers go for a stop to throw out garbage). Strange oblong drawing also began With it - that with set of branches. Something rather reminding the well-known Hollywood film Signs narrating about invasion of aliens.
- At night when there were these circles, dogs strange howled, - local resident Vasily Kharlamov speaks.
- And can, they are local tractor operators had fun?
- Look, ears are not broken, and trampled accurately down. And clearness of drawing what! To the person such not to make.
By the way, last years kubantsy, impressed the phenomenon of circles to the people, even left in their centre of a note: Newcomers! Take away us from here! However, anybody has not responded to these cries from the heart. So this year strong messages on reason send to brothers unless collective farmers, whose wheat is trampled down from year to year by aliens and crowds of gapers.
It not wind work!
is a first case of occurrence of icons in Russia in 2007, - has told the head all-Russian public scientifically - research association Kosmopoisk Vadim CHERNOBROV. - It was expected that a season of circles will begin more close by the end of June. Already by experience we know that at first they appear around Krasnodar, including on fields under Znamensky, and then to the east, at the city of Novokubanska which is considered informal capital of the Russian icons. First, when to us have informed on occurrence of drawings, we have solved - a fake or wind work. But the analysis carried out one of these days has shown that circles almost for certain the presents. Why? Ears are not broken, and accurately bent. We will accurately distinguish a carpet in the form of braided in a plait stalks. Grains on them were not showered. On an icon far from the basic objects - very thin lines, centimetres 15 - 20 at width lays which improvised tools the person could not. Unless it was very undersized humanoid .