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The Moscow schoolboys wrote off on Unified State Examination

Yesterday Rosobrnadzor (the federal service which is responsible for carrying out of Uniform state examination) has confirmed that one graduate from Leningrad region at night before examinations on popular in cheapskates the Internet - a forum has laid out answers of parts And and fifteen variants of tests. The cunning people have unpacked them and have vigorously gone to show another`s knowledge.
On a blog of the teacher of Russian of capital school 170 Sergeys Rajsky have appeared the letter to president Putin, Minister of Education and Science Fursenko and the Public prosecutor to the Seagull:
... Unified State Examination on Russian has been discredited... Answers have extended with huge speed. To the Unified State Examination beginning in Moscow almost in each audience one graduate with answers sat at least.    
From - for publications of answers of Unified State Examination loses meaning as the one who has bought answers will enter the institute or it is simple so the one who studied and prepared has received them in advance, instead of...
We are revolted so impudent and while by unpunished transgression, and also indifference of the authorities to the future of the Russian youth. Graduates have obliged to pass the Unified State Examination, but have not provided the normal organisation of fair test with objective result. We insist on the following:
1) receipt in high schools this year to arrange under the old scheme or to take other measures which would restore justice;
2) to spend search of sellers and to stop the further leak of any information;
3) to cancel Unified State Examination in all subjects, yet late .
As usual, when there is no the full information, and emotions above a roof, scandal gets hysterical notes. to cancel to take measures ... Actually, on - to mine, thank God, that answers have appeared on the Internet. And it is very good that teachers have amicably reacted to them so and schoolboys. And it, on the contrary, at all does not discredit Unified State Examination, and proves its prospects. Why? I will explain.
Teachers say that, most likely, the graduates armed with cribs, there were some hundreds. On 83 634 persons who were passing the Unified State Examination only in Moscow (wrote it both schoolboys, and the children who have ended colleges), - absolutely small percent. But even this armed public not all has risked spurs to use. In - the first, in many classes where passed examination, it was difficult to write off - their native teachers, and teachers from other schools look after senior pupils not. At all experts on Russian - physicists, mathematicians, chemists. On May, 29th teachers of literature on a broader scale have asked not to come to schools.
In - the second to use the Internet - answers as pupils speak, stremno. All the May long in the Network traded answers on Unified State Examination - 2007 . Actually it is results either last year`s examination, or training works. So guarantees that at night before examination you have received the right answers of that variant which will drop out in the morning, are not present any.
Contractual tests
So actually both in Peter, and in Moscow those who had nothing to lose wrote off. I think, if final examination handed over in the old manner - at native school, to native teachers, - tense and contractual estimations in the same capital would be much more.

And now we will look, as have worked control services.
1. Have analysed works from those regions where have been sent lighted Unified State Examination variants. It was found out: 24 works could be written off in Peter and nearby 20 - in Moscow. Them have calculated from tens thousand!
As it became known? In - the first, in answers from the Internet nevertheless there were errors and shpargalisty have got on identical punctures. In - the second, the powerful computer program which processes answers of parts And and not only in a status to catch identical errors, but also to analyze on each point of delivery of Unified State Examination overall level of preparation of graduates. If in any point children show level of knowledge, even on 5 - 6 points exceeding average results in the next points, is already an occasion to investigation. Indulgence receive only there where it is possible to prove: examination wrote supergramotei   - we will tell, graduates of a linguistic grammar school.
2. It is found out, from which point of delivery of Unified State Examination there was a leak and was before put is opened spetspaket with tasks. Who and on what basis has made it, not somebody now finds out, and law enforcement officers and the state examination board. It is known already and the one who has laid out answers in the Internet. Its work is cancelled.
That will be further?
- Still there is an investigation. Some points of delivery of Unified State Examination under suspicion, - Rosobrnadzora Tatyana BARHATOVA tells the deputy chief of management. - If will prove to be true, what even some persons here wrote off, results of examination cancel. Children who wrote works in these points, can repeat Unified State Examination in reserve day. But this indulgence is connected by that Uniform state examination for the present in the experiment status. If such focuses are found out after 2009 when Unified State Examination becomes obligatory, spisyvalshchikam will simply expose the two and repeat examination they can only the next year. All other Moscow schoolboys this week learn the results on Unified State Examination.