Rus News Journal

Question of day: And you on what would not regret the salary?

Ella PAMFILOVA, head of Advice of human rights at the President of the Russian Federation:
- I from each salary allocate money to someone to the aid. Are converted both patients, and children, and old men. Some time ago paid extra the grant to two students from poor families.
Mark ZAHAROV, the main director of theatre Lenkom :
- At us such small salaries what just right to help ourselves. But, to correspond, Putin is ready to send half of salary with a holiday money and the award to the same address, as.
Svetlana MASTERKOVA, the Olympic champion on track and field athletics:
- I would give the salary on planting of trees. Then it would be visible that my money has not stolen. And still it would be possible to go by and to look, how thy money grows.
Arthur TCHILINGAROV, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma:
- To me it is not a pity money for rest to children of Arctic regions and the device of hospitals.
Svetlana SOROKIN, the TV presenter, a press - secretary RSPP:
- I have an object of care - children`s home to which I help if there is a possibility.
Oleg MITVOL, zamglavy Rosprirodnadzora:
- I on many that would not regret money. But at me the salary small. 35 thousand. Though, as the disciplined state employee, I would follow the lead of Vladimir Vladimirovicha.
Nikolay of BASQUES, the singer:
- At me the salary at theatre - 2700 roubles, on what will not suffice it. But at me good fees, and I in process of forces help the needing. To me, for example, it was not a pity money for operation to the one-year-old girl and on an accordion for the boy from transfer Minute of glory .
Arcady ININ, the satirist:
- I would not regret money for Russian museum and for the Chinese.
Michael, the reader of a site WWW. :
- I too would give to somebody of money, but I am afraid, my wife learns. And a hand at it hot and frying pans heavy.