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Galina Dzhugashvili - Stalin, Jacob Dzhugashvili`s daughter: My father was not in a captivity

Stalin`s Son, the senior lieutenant of Red Army Jacob Dzhugashvili, was not in German to a captivity. There are all bases to believe that the father was lost in unequal fight in the middle of July, 1941. Entered into textbooks of history Stalin`s phrase: “ I do not change the soldier for the field marshal! “ - only an invention of a script writer of a film “ Clearing “. Hitler never suggested Joseph Vissarionovichu to change field marshal Pauljusa for his son. Also was not able to do it. For Jacob Dzhugashvili Berlin gave out other person: the agent - the double from Abvera...
While I was the child, I knew - Ma has told about it (so Jacob Dzhugashvili`s daughter named the mother. - And. G) - The father was missing. After Ma has carefully explained to me: the father was taken prisoner and was lost in one of concentration camps. Has then appeared Uzhinsky (the person who ostensibly was together with Jacob Dzhugashvili in fascist to a captivity. - And. G) However, its wards during lifetime of Ma did not call me bewilderment: I was ershistym the teenager.
Time went. I have finished filfak the Moscow State University and have entered postgraduate study of Institute of the world literature. The same year has died after a serious illness of Ma. Soon after her death to me have shown foreign magazine with a photo of the person in soldier`s an overcoat and the rough soldier`s boots, hanging on a fencing barbed wire. His face was hidden by a dense shade. The inscription under a photo did not need transfer: Jacob Stalin. It was as a current rush. I have frozen, then have loudly burst out crying. In the same evening as if someone has prompted me simple, clear thought: at the person in a photo the person is blacked out. Logically the person also should be shined, that there was no doubt. Here all to the contrary. Why?
Two years later there was a big article of the Jonah of Andronov, devoted to my father, - the detailed story about its abiding in camp Zaksenhauzen.
And again calm: work at Institute of the world literature, the husband, the child, does not come up yet from a non-existence Uzhinsky... Word for word he repeats the former story about acquaintance to Stalin`s son, how it, Uzhinsky, has made keen it to work in a camp workshop where prisoners cut out chess and where " from a bone; Jacob has learnt to cut out so beautifully “ that German officers were built in turn to receive “ a souvenir “ from son Stalin. (How much I knew, the father never was fond of woodcarving and on a bone. How it could so quickly and successfully to master this difficult enough craft?) When in camp epidemic of a typhus begins, Jacob is translated in a barrack Uzhinsky, and by them “ sleep on one plank beds “ calibrating each other “ the most secret “. What? Uzhinsky hardly remembers the car: “ Jacob dreamt to buy the car after war... “ (what for to dream of the car to the person if it at it already is? The favourite car nicknamed “ a daw “ and, on - to mine, me named Galina in honour of this car.)
Uzhinsky communicated not with the father, I have understood accurately enough. Month in one barrack and - anything! I ask it: “ Well, you remembered families! “ “ remembered “ - he responds. “ also what? “ - “ All the most good! “ here again the general words!
... But here more serious justifying of my distrustfulness - indications of Emilja Zekla - unter - the officer, ministering the security guard in same Hammelburge (“ Week “ Ή 12, 1988) : “ Jacob Stalin has been concluded alone a barrack Ή 6. There he is not dared neither to read, nor to write. In 7 mornings I submitted to it coffee, then on half an hour deduced it in a court yard surrounded with a barbed wire. For the night its chamber was closed by heavy iron lattices on two doors which were closed on two locks “. How much “ Stalin`s sons “ was in Hammelburge? Two? One slept with Uzhinsky on plank beds, another contained in strict isolation lattices and locks? Where here an invention, where a reality?
I am am reached by echoes of the numerous legends which have arisen in the West (the French, Italian, Swiss, Yugoslavian versions) in which Stalin`s son wonderfully escapes from a German captivity that with the help the guerrilla efforts of the beauty - razvedchitsy. Me prevail against inquiries, a leah is necessary me the brother Saddam Hussein. “ on “ Iraq “ Versions, compassionate Hitler sends son Stalin to Iraq where that gets a family. Alas, Saddam Hussein is more senior me for some years, he was born even before war. What disappointment for fans of juicy stories!
... In the report of interrogation of Jacob Stalin its story how it was taken prisoner on July, 18th, 1941 is presented: “... Our fighters beat off to the utmost... All of them were converted to me: “ the Commander! Conduct us in attack! “ I have led them in attack. Strong bombardment, then storm bombardment has begun... I have come to be one... Here you have surrounded me from different directions... I would be shot, if in time have found out that is completely isolated from the “.
And here the interrogation report on July, 19th, that is in the afternoon after. Here the same events and, according to the same “ son Stalin “ look for the unknown reason absolutely differently: “... Among soldiers there are panic moods, and they run... “ soldiers lay down the arms, the civilians does not wish to shelter at itself Red Army men in the military form, and Jacob Stalin is urged to go for delivery...
Still bolshee amazement calls the answer “ son Stalin “ on a simple question - and it is fixed in the next report, - where he was born. He names a city of Baku!! But in the passport of the father which I store, a place of its birth - village Badzi, Georgia. To mix settlement in Rachii, nizinnoj areas of Georgia, with capital of Azerbaijan? The thought about negligent, hurriedly made " involuntarily comes; to a legend “.
Death “ son Stalin “ in a German concentration camp one has even more contradicting another versions. Jonah Andronov, proceeding from the materials, did a conclusion that Jacob Dzhugashvili has been shot by the sentry at attempt to flight. S.Apt`s journalists and T. drambjan are assured of other: Jacob Dzhugashvili has committed suicide, having rushed on a wire energised “ as a result of long depression “.
And here the version of German military man Otto Milera and the corporal from Zaksenhauzena Fisher`s protection.
Jacob Stalin is in one block with English officers, among which - Churchill Thomas Kushing`s relative. Germans conceive to bring dissonance in an alliance of the USSR - Great Britain, having provoked Englishmen to quarrel with Jacob and its murder. Churchill`s relative - the murderer of son Stalin! The plan is carried out. At night English officers with knifes rush into Jacob`s chamber. It “ with a call for help “ jumps out in a window and it appears near to a fence. The sentry, having reacted automatically, kills its shot in an emphasis.
However all versions scatter in ashes if to take on trust indications of lieutenant Zelingera, the commandant of a concentration camp of Jagerdorf. He asserts that Jacob Stalin was in its concentration camp. The serious illness of son Stalin has urged Zelingera which were responsible for safety of the valuable captive, to translate it in hospital where he soon and has died...

“ Jacob Dzhugashvili in German to a captivity during interrogation. Summer of 1941 “ the Photomontage. Under the expert opinion, the picture is made of several fragments with a plentiful retouch. From a fragment, on which Jacob Dzhugashvili is represented (it on the right), have scratched out emulsionnyj a layer, have finished on a photo contours of a head, the person and clothes detail. It confirms the version of the daughter of Jacob...
There is no record of son Stalin on the tape recorder or a film. On one of “ reports “ there is no its signature.
in the Summer of 1941 our advanced positions have been literally deluged by a rain of German leaflets - Stalin`s captured son among German officers. Here it costs in a free pose, thoughtfully having inclined a head to a shoulder, here sits at a table in the company of the Germans, happy, cheerfully smiling. There and then and its letter to the father: “ expensive father! I in a captivity, am healthy, I will be soon sent in one of officer camps to Germany. The reference good. I wish health. Greetings to all. JAsha “. (Before surprise neutral tone. As though the writing informs about something banal, daily.) And more one sample of handwriting:
the Yugoslavian general Milutin Stefanovich who has got acquainted with the son of Stalin in a concentration camp, keeps a diary which opens “... Jacob`s autographic record... “ Jacob Dzhugashvili, the senior lieutenant, Moscow, street Granovsky, 3, sq. 84, 20. 9. 42 “
In March - May, 2002 the Center kriminalisticheskih examinations of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has made examination of samples of handwriting of my father, and also German photographic materials with its image. Conclusions are categorical:
“ the Letter to the father “ on leaflets... It is executed not by Dzhugashvili Jacob Iosifovichem, and other person with imitation podcherku elder son Stalin. The note on behalf of Ja.I.Dzhugashvili from September, 20th, 1941 is executed not by Dzhugashvili Jacob Iosifovichem, and other person “. As to pictures is a photomontage with application of a plentiful retouch and reception “ mirror reflexion “.
... According to archival materials, on 7 - mu to the mechanised case (the art brigade of the father entered into it) last fight which the father among escaped did not leave, has been given in village vicinities Smoke Vitebsk area. About it is that fight and has told one of the escaped soldiers to the friend of our family to general Artemu Sergeevu: “ Ammunition has come to an end. The hand-to-hand has gone. On the senior lieutenant was a lot of blood “.
Stalin`s Son was the artillery officer and has fairly shared lot of brother-soldiers. At that time in it there was nothing especial. Khruschev and Mikoyan`s sons too battled at the front and too were lost. Having learnt about  destruction of son Stalin - in the first year of war Germans attentively looked through the documents found at killed in battle Soviet officers, - German special services and dare at falsification. Probably, its fellow countryman - the colleague who was taken prisoner who knew a little about character and pre-war life of son Stalin has agreed to play a role of lieutenant Dzhugashvili. Probably, Germans for participation in performance have found “ the captive “. The legend was made spontaneously, on the basis of a scanty information. From here and awkwardness of the double, its misses, reservations. Perhaps, for special action masking other measures have been accepted also. A leah all details up to the end will be explained - it is not known. However, I hope that in due course history “ a captivity “ my father will be otmetena as obvious absurd.
Galina Jakovlevna Dzhugashvili - Stalin was born in Moscow. On a speciality the philologist, Cand.Phil.Sci., a member of the Union of writers of Russia, the author of three art books. Lives in Moscow. Married, has the son.
Alexander of DINS.
Yesterday the security Federal Agency has made the statement: Stalin`s elder son - Jacob - all - taki was in a captivity at fascists. Historical dispute on destiny of the son “ the father of the people “ there are some decades. Many considered and consider till now that its capture - provocation of the German investigation. For example, Jacob Dzhugashvili`s daughter in the just published book is denied by FSB.
“ Puts arguments of both parties.
Jacob behaved in τΰψθρςcκθυ camps adequately

Jacob Dzhugashvili on rest in Sochi shortly before war.
“ I do not change the soldier for the field marshal “ - remember this phrase from the Soviet textbooks on the stories, attributed to Joseph Stalin? So the Generalissimo has ostensibly responded Hitler to the offer to exchange the enslaved son Jacob Dzhugashvili on grasped in Stalingrade Pauljusa. On a legend... And can, it was and not the legend, but for the first time this phrase have been sounded in a film - Yury Ozerov`s epopee “ Clearing “. Anyway, but on an extent more than 60 years historians argue not only on this statement, but also about the fact of abiding of Jacob in a captivity. It is for certain known that the senior lieutenant Jacob Dzhugashvili ordered the artillery battery till July, 1941. But near Vitebsk ostensibly has been taken prisoner and was in camps till 1943. It had to provoke protection which has shot it at attempt to runaway.
Yesterday it was confirmed officially by the head of department of check in and archival funds of FSB of Russia Vasily HRISTOFOROV.
- In archives of FSB of Russia there are enough documentary acknowledgement of that Joseph Stalin, Jacob Dzhugashvili`s son, really was in German to a captivity, - he has informed journalists. - All who was in fascist to a captivity together with Jacob, are found and interrogated after war. They have shown that son Dzhugashvili behaved adequately. But Germans wrote down three-hour interrogations with it, and then mounted them by means of scissors. Left that Jacob is ready to work to Germany.
What is this certificates, Vasily Hristoforov has not specified. However, as it became known, among documents, for example, there are reports of interrogations of the former commander of a special company of service of the information at the commander of IV German army of major Walter Rojshle. He confirmed that conversations with Jacob Dzhugashvili were recorded. Publications also are filed to archive in magazine “ Stern “ for 68 - j year in which the curator of general Vlasova Vilfred Shtrik - Shtrikfelt told about how unsuccessfully tried to incline the son “ the father of the people “ to change.
There is also a personal report of the deputy minister of internal affairs of Serova to the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kruglov with the report of interrogations of the German officers connected with business of elder son Stalin. Among them - the employee of department “ I - C “ the General staff of the Central group of German armies of Gensger Paul, the commander of security battalion SS of a division “ the Dead head “ Vegner Gustav protecting camp Zaksenhauzen, the commandant of camp Zaksenhauzen Kajndl.
Many hearings go and about To Jacob`s demise. The most widespread - it has rushed on a barbed wire under electric pressure. However there is a conclusion of a medicolegal investigation of division SS “ the Dead head “: “... On April, 14th, 1943, when I have examined given captured, I verified death from a shot in a head. The death should come immediately after that shot. An obvious cause of death: destruction of the bottom part of a brain... “
That Vasily Hristoforov under worthy behaviour meant - it is not known. However there are certificates of two solagernikov Jacob. The researcher of Jonahs Andronov in work “ Prisoner Zaksenhauzena “ gives of a word of the captain Uzhinsky and political leader Kashkarova: “ I already was in a concentration camp of Hammelburg when there in the spring of 1942 delivered Jacob Dzhugashvili, - remembered Uzhinsky. - I saw, how one of camp security guards has approached to it, having control over bank with a paint and a brush, and has drawn at it on a chest of letter SU (an abbreviation “ Soviet Union “) . Such labels to all of us put on a chest and on a back. And to Jacob - both on a chest, and on a back, and on trousers, on sleeves, on shoulders and even on pilotke! While the security guard waved a brush, Dzhugashvili has turned back to officers crowding by a number and has loudly shouted:
- Let paints! An inscription “ Soviet Union “ does to me honour! I am proud of it!
These words have made the big impression upon us... “
And Kashkarov has remembered words of general Karbysheva (the last executed in camp Mauthausen in 45 - m to year): “ He/she is the unshakable Soviet officer and the patriot “.
Alexander KOTS, Alexander SMARTLY
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