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Instead of whisky in a gift there was a bomb

Revenge is a dish which should be submitted cold - Muscovite Andrey P, after 54 - the summer businessman, the owner of car-care centre " has solved for itself; Russervis Rustam Muminov, has discharged him from office.
Two years the former mechanic bore the plan and long-sufferingly waited for an opportunity. It has again returned to car-care centre and began so well to work that in due course has served to the authorised representative of the owner. Rustam Muminov even began to take correct the assistant on business negotiations. Here and this time the owner of car-care centre and Andrey P gathered for an important meeting in Nahabino. Before departure the assistant has suddenly referred to important issues and, having handed over to the businessman a gift box with whisky Red Label, has told that will catch up with it on road.
Binge was a gift to business partners, Muminov has thrown a box with whisky on a back seat and has gone on a meeting. It has already reached a Krasnogorsk, and Andrey did not catch up with it all in any way. Muminov has not had time to dial number of the assistant as at it the loud clap behind the back was distributed. Fortunately, has worked only a detonator, and the stuffing of the infernal machine has not blown up.
Soon militiamen have detained Andrey. And he admitted that wanted to revenge the businessman for offences of the past days.