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Sergey Ivans: In the world only sixty democratic countries

Yesterday the first vitse - the prime minister of Russia Sergey Ivans, meeting representatives of the Russian youth organisations, has made a little   important statements. Here, in particular, that he has told:
About a sanitary cordon round Russia
- Some East Europe states, mladoevropejtsy now in essence carry out function a sanitary cordon .
There is a rhetorical question: these are the governments (these countries) have decided so to arrive or to it so have prompted?
At the time of cold war the ideological opponent spoke: the USSR and it east - the European satellites . Times have changed, but how much? Such impression, what not everything, but many East Europe states carry out the same function, but in the opposite direction.  
About the democratic countries...
- it is a little Democratic countries. In the United Nations of only 220 states, and democratic - only 60, democratic in the sense that the people itself define the destiny. Let`s count together. Certainly, it is the USA, the European Union, China, India - and it is the greatest democracy in the world, Russia; aspire to it Brazil, maybe, it will turn out at the republic of South Africa...  
Japan - the democratic country? At anybody language will not turn to tell that this totalitarian state, and there 60 years one party has seized power and keeps it.
All under one comb, under Anglo-Saxon model, it is impossible to row.
... And sovereign democracy
- Me personally the term sovereign democracy in general - that is pleasant, it is a taste question. I speak as the philologist but if to argue on words sovereign and independent democracy, an essence does not change.
About the opposition purposes
- After all the purpose sometimes consists not in underlining of the right to disagreement, and in creation of any provocative conditions which, naturally, will draw attention of mass-media because for this purpose they and exist that it is everything, roughly speaking, otpiarit .
About overlapping of streets
- I consider that in such cities as Moscow, St.-Petersburg, to block off traffic, especially on the central streets, it is impossible.
Here once I have personally suffered (from a stopper) though you understand what car at me and that at it on a roof is located: in Day of sacred Patrick.
On a broader scale I consider that in big cities davnym - for a long time it is time to us to create platforms like Gajd - park - the big territories. Here gather there: red, white, green, blue, it is grey - buro - crimson - please, shout, march on a circle... But interests of other citizens thus do not break.