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The summit G8 antiglobalists

peacefully attacked Hundred years the small German resort of Hajligendamm which have cosy settled down at Baltic sea, - favourite vacation spot of the European establishment slept. And here yesterday there has appeared suddenly G8 - together with a heap of police, retinue and flashers. Have lodged vosmerochniki (leaders of Russia, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy and France) in hotel Kempinski which is considered one of the best resort complexes of the world.  
Protecting leaders from antiglobalists and other not consent round a residence of participants have built 13 - a kilometre iron fence. Have hidden.
Atmosphere at the summit does not promise to be kind. Bush is resolutely adjusted on conversation with Putin: about Iran, about Kosovo and, by itself, about our democracy. To Putin too is what to respond - about placing of the American ABM in Europe. Already and Englishman Blair has sounded the intention to speak with Putin about business Meadow. And about difficult life - byte the British oil companies in Russia. Putin can talk to it about Berezovsky`s business. And here still Estonia, being afraid not to keep up, has suggested to exclude Russia from the eights (well does not know already how still to do much harm).
However it would be incorrect to consider that the main friction will occur round Russia. So, on the eve of the summit there were disagreements between Bush and Merkel. They have not agreed, as will struggle with global warming.  
Today - the basic day of the summit. Leaders will argue on world economy, power security, global warming and the help to Africa.  
Putin has arrived to Germany yesterday towards evening and has there and then testified the respect to the mistress of the summit - to chancellor Merkel. And in the late evening the joint supper of leaders with wives has taken place. The menu main courses - seafood and truffles. Submitted also a herring favourite in local places. And the basic dishes - roast from olenej backs, a lamb with kunzhutom and pepper. Tell, especially shustrili on kitchen not the cook, and employees of the American special services - each crumb have educated about security.
Larissa the CAFTAN   (Ours spets. A correspondent)

... And at this time the police a wall has risen on a way of the protesting. Even the most peace.
Fights of global value
the Crowd dared police cordons under Hajligendammom
to Members the eights yesterday it was necessary to show the big ingenuity to get on the summit. Grown wise long-term experience, antiglobalists have this time refused, as it happened earlier, to cuckoo at the other end of the world from the summit and have gone further.
Dense numbers of 6 thousand persons have moved on the police cordons covering road to Hajligendammu, and have crumpled them. Heavy artillery in a kind   vodometov and tear gas put out of action antiglobalists could not. They taki have reached a legendary fence with a barbed wire which have constructed specially to the summit. And this last barrier, unique, by the way, which separated world leaders from an external world, they could not overcome. Other part of antiglobalists sat out at this time. But not houses, and on roads on which presidents reached from the airport Hajligendamma. To drive them from a familiar spot it was uneasy. That is why members the eights got out who as could. Vladimir Putin, for example, has departed by the helicopter...
the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR
In Russia they would be as silk
I Think, Germans still will learn at Russia as the summits to spend. To nurture people it is necessary, that did not fly into a rage...
During last the eights in Peter, for example, there was all grandly, nobly. I remember, we sit with pity one hundred antiglobalists at stadium (the others in electric trains have caught, from buses have removed, well that in vain did not go...) .   Moreover imposed from different directions OMON. Porridge we eat, the state the presented.  
Has arrived to antiglobalists Matvienko Valentine, the governor Petersburg.   the revolutionary britogolovyj asks:
- And it is possible we on Neva peacefully we will pass? Well hardly - hardly!  
- it is not necessary, - Matvienko responds. - protest better here.  
our antiglobalists Have sighed and have gone is porridge. Because people scientists:   the right the right, and the summit - business important, in a city is a lot of OMON...
Here I would Will sink down so the people to nurture, that in nonsenses was not engaged. Also would begin to live easy and well. As we in Russia...