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As chose manufacturers

to Choose participants for any popular show - terrible and responsible work. Suddenly you will count not on that? And then some months successively it will loom at you and more at millions spectators before eyes... And all acquaintances will point a finger at you and to speak: Here, navybirala here . In general, I was strongly stirred. Has arrived to the Star house approximately in an hour prior to the beginning of a casting, has seen a huge caterpillar from hundreds people which loudly sang, danced, changed clothes in bushes, chewed hamburgers, cried, and was frightened even more strongly.
For conversation with the people to us have taken away some rooms. I in the company of psychotherapist Gennady from clinic of doctor Kurpatova and the chief - the editor Factories - 7 Tatyanas Semkiv has settled down in a bedroom of girls - such lilac and in the big camomiles.
And here to us in a room have started to get on ten persons, and we probed them on a subject interesnosti to the spectator. Because, except the external and vocal data, the participant of show should possess charism. To be kind zajkoj to it it is unessential, strongly pronounced stinkers and stervetsy too approach.
But here me, it is necessary to admit, the disappointment waited. At us, it appears, very few stinkers, and with zajkami any naprjazhenka. But all roll up eyes and repeat that do not represent the life without a scene . But I very well represent a scene without them.
However, I will not deceive: there are also very worthy children. For example, with one little girl with creative pseudonym Dakota at us have fallen in love resolutely all. And more in the lovely mulatto with very beautiful voice.

Our correspondent checked public on interesnost.
In five hours I have decided to walk in the musical commission where, except Konstantin Meladze (it became the musical producer of the project), the director of a musical announcement First Yury Aksjuta, producer Sergey Kushnerev and doctor Kurpatov sat. Still Kirkorov has come with curiosity. To them participants too got on ten, put in the centre of a hall and they of mansion sang a song. In a minute Aksjuta spoke:
- All thanks! Excuse, you do not approach us.
And group silently left.
Sometimes he spoke:
- you, the third number, leave, please, forward. Sing to us something.
And the third number a voice breaking for stirring sang something else. And one guy so has got a fright that could sing nothing. And has left silently home - under amazed looks of judges.
... The casting has ended in night, I have fairly stayed there all ten hours. In the end of June, when Factory - 7 will start to show, I will be proud, probably. By the way, that mulatto from Astrakhan will be one of new fabrikantok .

On some participants of Meladze (at the left), Aksjuta and Kirkorov could not look without laughter.
What for to Irina Muravevoj Lenin`s Will ?
Our correspondents Denis KORSAKOV and Darya ZAVGORODNJAJA discuss a serial which show on the channel Russia

Denis :
- the TV reminds for a long time already a mouth which absorbs classical books and throws up them in the form of serials. a gold calf the Master and Margarita the Quiet Don Doctor Zhivago Petchorin and now here - Lenin`s Will on products of Varlama Shalamova.
the Name the Kolyma stories did not begin to put - probably, not summer it not attractive. Have christened zazyvno - Lenin`s Will (Sounds almost as party Gold ) . And remarkable shalamovskaja the book has turned back to godlessly stretched cinemas in all respects losing to the televersion Children of Arbata (where young men of a Stalin time) were heroes too.

Darya :
- When I studied, in the school program of all brought down in one heap: Solzhenitsyn, Shalamov, Dudintsev, Fishermen, Nagibin. Their names and persons were stirred in one heap, and, I think, not at me one. And modern adolescents, looking at Lenin`s portrait, do not see already anything, except bearded dedka in a cap. The film of Dostalja to look curiously. It is necessary as the document, is simple that we knew that there was such writer Varlam Shalamov who has to the bottom enjoyed a bowl of travails in Stalin camps and very much wanted, by the way, that its books were read by descendants. At descendants reading not in a fashion so let though cinemas will have a look.
Denis :
- I Doubt that the tragical book of Shalamova will find a worthy embodiment on the screen. The first series of it do not promise. Too slowly also the cinema is sad hobbles on peripetias of destiny of Shalamova. Be I the senior pupil, after first four series of this film would not want to get acquainted with the original! By the way, I have been surprised, when have read in a caption a name of good film writer Yury Arabova: it seemed to me, it is capable on bolshee.
Darya :
- Well here you see, and Arabs here. And my favourite actress Irina Muraveva in a role of mother Shalamova. The good company, despite a subject about nice children from iron gate GPU which has bothered all. But these children were, and films about them are necessary. They say that our country has repented of last sins. From the art point of view dullishly. But and Solzhenitsyn spoke about it: the book of Shalamova - is faster the document, instead of the literature...