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On a Kinotavr Zavorotnjuk has arrived without Zhigunov

the Perfect nurse and gallant the naval cadet waited on a film festival on Tuesday. But Zavorotnjuk to " has reached; a Kinotavr on presentation of the new picture the Apocalypse Code only yesterday. And that one - without Zhigunov.
- Nastja has arrived by the personal plane. She a star also can allow now herself it, - has told one of producers of this blockbuster. - and Zhigunov before departure has gone the Ice crust into a hysterics! Also has not departed. Sergey asserts that it the producer the Apocalypse Code but Zhigunov to a tape has for a long time no relation.
the Actress its partner in a picture Frenchman Vensan Peres (has met Fanfan - the Tulip from the film with the same name). On a press - to conference of Nastja admitted that during shootings the Code Paris has visited on a visit at Peres and has got acquainted with his wife and children: My son so has fallen in love with Vensana that has told to me: Give it will be my father .
- Such magnificent partner as Nastja, at me still never was. We understood each other from a half-word, - the gallant Frenchman has responded a compliment.
And already last night Zavorotnjuk has departed to Moscow to Zhigunov.

Julja Menshov has descended on a land not without the aid of the gentleman.
And At this time
Having seen off Zavorotnjuk, Peres together with Vladimir Menshov and his daughter Julia has gone on sea walk. When the company in rather complacent mood has returned on coast, men slightly shook - probably, from - for stirrings on the sea. And the Frenchman was suddenly let to dance on a mooring kalinku - malinku...
Sea walks obviously on taste and Ekaterina with Alexander Strizhenovym. With itself on the yacht Destini they have invited Olga Orlovu with the companion. Having sailed far away from coast and having seen dolphins, actors shouted for pleasure as children. And Katya Strizhenova has jumped for a board and long floated nearby to flight.
Tatyana KIREEVA (- Krasnodar )
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