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Elton John has helped Michael Gorbachev to collect 1,5 million pounds for the Russian children sick of a leukaemia

Evening in an estate of Hempton Court near to London has begun with reception in the open air. On avenues of an old formal garden walked actor Ralf Fajnz, mum Harry Potter Dzhoan Roling with the spouse, Oleg Tabakov with Marina Zudinoj, Naomi Campbell, Chulpan Hamatova with director Cyril Serebrennikov, actress Kim Ketrall (from Sex in a big city ) Michael Gorbachev with members of a family, supermodel Natalia Vodjanova with spouse Justin Portmanom. Here there was all in Bob Geldof awards - the organizer of well-known charitable concerts Live Aid and Live   8 and the former leader the punk - groups Boomtown Rats. Visitors were entertained by an orchestra of balalaika players, delicately reminding that organizers of evening - Russian (it is concrete - the deputy of the State Duma and the president of Charitable reserve fund Alexander Lebedev and Raisa Gorbachevoj`s Fund).
In 20. 00 fanfares have begun to sound, and visitors on limousines have proceeded to specially built pavilion. The hall has been decorated by a considerable quantity of birches and lamp-stands from olenih horns.
At first with speeches Alexander Lebedev and Michael Gorbachev have acted. Then has begun so-called silent auction : the auctions went by means of panels on tables.

White (Natalia Vodjanova) and black (Naomi Campbell). To colleagues is about what to talk.
Elton John who has Appeared on a scene, of course, was the highlight of the program. Six its songs have accepted enthusiastically. In intervals he has had time to congratulate the the friend and the rival Stewart`s Sorts (it too was in a hall) with the next marriage approximately so: I Wish you with the young wife of the same family happiness, as at us with David . Spouse Eltona David Fernish has confusedly lowered eyes.
At the main auction of the rate became already in opened - by means of masters from auction house Christie`s.
the Supper with Michael Gorbachev has left for 70 thousand pounds (approximately 140 thousand dollars). 100 thousand pounds it has been paid for excursion on to Stalin`s confidential underground under the direction of the Moscow diggers.
By the end of evening it was possible to collect one and a half million pounds which will go on purchases of the equipment for scientific research institute of children`s oncology and haematology and on financing of operations on marrow transplantation.
All it was really touching. And by old English tradition to finish touching actions it is necessary on the cheerful note. And here as it is impossible more by the way there was group Scissor Sisters which has transformed huge pavilion in a huge disco among birches. Ladies in smart vesper dresses and gentlemen in tuxedos have arranged such rough dancings what at us you will see that that on charitable evenings, and and on corporate parties.
Look a slide - show and video fragments of performances Eltona John and Scissor Sisters