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Question of day: than That from migrants it is more - harm or advantage?

Evgenie YASIN, the economist:

- As all over the world, labour migration has two parties - pluses and minuses. As a whole the country needs hands. It is necessary to make so that here came to work not those who wants, and those who is necessary.

Valery NEW DVORSKY, the politician:

- For the country migrants the blessing. And Luzhkov all will not calm down in any way. Probably, the mayor himself gathers together with the officials and asphalt to put, and in the market to trade...

Nikolay KURJANOVICH, the deputy of the State Duma:

- At the given stage - harm. The rate should be on the. It is necessary rekrutirovat shots from the Russian regions which are suffering affliction from unemployment.  

Igor BELOBORODOV, the director of Institute of demographic researches:

- Angrily - most dangerous of all - inokulturnaja migration. It is unequivocally necessary to add to the arsenal   experience of France. After pogroms they have changed the migratory policy with open doors on selective . Migration becomes the blessing when to us there will go people from the orthodox countries.

Alexander DUGIN, the philosopher:

- the Migrant to the migrant rozn. It is necessary to spend the Euroasian educational program for power structures and militia that they could distinguish migrants from the friendly and hostile countries. Then will be more advantage.

Konstantin MELIHAN, the comic writer:

- Migration are a funeral after which new life begins. The most advanced state in the world of the USA is the native land of migrants but as in Russia all and always turns out... as always for us migrants - harm.

Alexey DEBEREV, the state employee, Krasnodar:

- What there can be an advantage of the guest worker from the East which comes to Russia, at all without knowing Russian culture and language. How it will perform qualitatively work if does not understand that from it want?

Oleg VORSMIN, the economist, Nizhni Novgorod:

- And I married the girl who has arrived in Bottom of Kazakhstan! The wife from it magnificent, plov prepares - fingers will lick, children worships. What harm from migrants, is happiness!

Sasha, the reader of a site WWW. , Riga:  

- If to go too far in migrants, after it is necessary to migrate. Only where? Russia one, and behind its borders of Russian do not wait.



Hardly will be Russia without migrants?

Is not present, we can solve all problems! 44 %
Hardly. The cheap labour is necessary to us. 23 %
Hardly. Our people have forgot to work... 33 %

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Foreign guest workers in Moscow will be replaced with Russians?

These are plans of the city authorities

On Tuesday at session of the capital government it was discussed Moscow target migratory programmma on 2008 - 2010. While the federal authorities, recognising economic necessity of labour migrants for all country, have facilitated life prezzhim behind earnings (for example, have simplified check in system) the Moscow authorities are going to organise the whole company against foreign guest workers.

Having listened to the basic points future migratsionoj programs, Yury Luzhkov has asked the head of committee of multi-region communications and the national policy of the mayoralty to Alexey Aleksandrovu.

- Angrily migration for Moscow or kindly and the help?

As it has appeared, the question was rhetorical - the mayor of Moscow has there and then explained to all:

is a malicious help, - and has fixed the position, having added. - it is necessary, that uhari - migarnaty did not overflow, and supplemented economic system of a city!

So, in what the basic claims to foreign migrants.

They select working workplaces at Muscovites

Razbalovannye cheap labour of the enterprise do not take for work of Russians and Muscovites. It is necessary to pay in that more and social guarantees to give. The city authorities are going to be converted into the State Duma: it is necessary to pass the antidumping law under salaries. To establish the minimum salaries. To the companies will be unprofitable to employ gastrabajterov (after all lawfully to make all necessary papers on employment of the migrant - the big trouble for the employer). And green light on all capital buildings, bakeries and the markets will be given Russians. On a plan of the government of Moscow all these places Muscovites, inhabitants blizzhajshih to Moscow of areas and all will occupy the others rosijane. The city authorities, are going to take care about and habitation for them: want to force employers to give to visitors to workers a hotel reservation.

... Lazy construction superintendents and masters on the buildings, employing workers - Uzbeks disturb to technical progress

, chiefs DEZov and ZHEKov holding yard keepers - Tadjiks instead of aspiring to technical uprogressu, to change manual skills on machine, prefer to take more guest workers for the cheap salary.

- Here respected, Vladimir Iosifovich, for example - was converted at session Yury Mihajlovich Luzhkov to a hall, showing on the zamestiteja, head Strojkompleksa Resin, - At it in Strojkomplekse a large quantity of migrants. So we from width of soul Russian will give to it in - about - from such quotas. So it and on buildings will use cheap rabsilu, instead of to think the nape as new technologies to introduce.

Not dodajut money in the budget

This most serious and well-founded charge. According to all available data from migratory service of Moscow at them on the account of 677 thousand 144 migrants. And the work permit at 235 thousand 627 thousand is issued. What do the others?

And here figures the governments sounded at session: in the beginning of year the work permit have received three hundred thousand persons, from them are officially employed (and therefore taxes from the salary in the budget - a comment red pay.) All hundred thousand.

- It turns out, what two hundred more thousand where - that walks? - The capital mayor has taken an interest at a hall and has there and then offered an exit how to eliminate this disorder: - Means it is necessary to reduce quotas three times.

By the way, some experts believe that actually illegal migrants in capital about two millions. Clear business: they have arrived to Moscow not on place of interest to have a look, and on earnings. Taxes from salaries they do not pay. Then that all their earned money, passing our budget go to another`s states.

- guest workers it will be possible to complain Of neighbours in social security

So, the program main objective - to reduce number of migrants. How it will be will be executed? To reduce quotas for the enterprises to migrants.

And for struggle against illegal immigrants to enter new article into the Criminal code of the Russian Federation Illegal import on territory of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens - Specially for verboshchikov guest workers. It is supposed to fill up the administrative code with penalties for delivery of apartments to foreigners - to migrants. Here all hope of vigilant and conscious neighbours - prepolagaetsja that those, having noticed in the next apartment suspicious and similar on gastrabajterov tenants, should complain in social security.

For remained legelnyh migrants courses " will be opened; How to become moskvichem .



Want to solve problems of Moscow at the expense of other Russia

- I am not assured that, at blizzhajshih to capital of areas there will be necessary manpower resources for Moscow, - the director of institute of social policy and socially - economic programs of the Higher school of economy Sergey SMIRNOV makes comments on ideas the governments sounded at session. There the population percent pensionogo and predpensionogo age is very high. To involve youth from all Russia to Moscow? But then regions will cease to develop. We cannot solve a problem of Moscow at the expense of other areas. Besides that would not speak about a raising of salaries, it is assured that DEZam the same yard keepers will not suffice. You are assured what to hire revenges of street of capital vagabonds, poor is the best variant, than diligent, hardworking visitors from the former union republics. While without migrants from former Allied republik to capital not to manage.