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It was not possible to bring down Guus

the Match from Croatian national team was key in understanding of that, it was how much reasonable to start the mullions-strong project Hiddink in Russia . Historical victories over Andorra and Estonia, naturally, do not give full representation about scales polkovodcheskogo the genius of the Dutch trainer of our football team. To a match in Zagreb still never our national team played visitors with so awesome rival. Even in the first duel in Moscow Croats were is closer to victory. Reciprocal game promised to turn to a thriller. And therefore the match in Zagreb has called a great interest domestic beau monde. Cream of a capital football society has arrived to look at fiasco or Hiddink`s triumph and To.

Puffing a cigar, by us the president of CSKA Evgenie Giner has proceeded. After it has arrived eks - the trainer of Russian national team, and nowadays the president the Locomotive Yury Semin. Here a representative landing from Spartaka : Stanislav Cherchesov, Victor Onopko, Sergey Shavlo. Sergey Stepashin, despite a heat, courageously paced on a tribune in a suit of steel colour. Alas, the chairman of Audit Chamber and could not count and spend audit of the hammered goals.

Atletichnye Croats pressed through defence of our national team. Kerzhakov pushed forward and Arshavin could not be hooked for a ball, and attacks to gate of Malafeeva went a wave behind a wave. And we in the first time plainly have not put any a little - malski a dangerous shoot for goal of Pletikosy. And here for its Russian colleague Slavu Malafeeva it was disturbing. However to Glory the lot has dropped out to become, perhaps, the protagonist of a match. Malafeev has rescued the command during Da Silva`s exit in private and after heading when he has managed to pull out a ball from the nine ... The confidence of the goalkeeper was passed defenders, and the national team has stood under the impact of Croats.

After a match the trainer of Croats Is nice for Bilich (at the left) worried concerning the missed moments. Guus Hiddink had absolutely other mood.

After a final whistle have with relief sighed not only fans, but also football players. Sasha Kerzhakov looked happy:

- At us was chances to pass much more, than to hammer. Therefore the result suits me. But here quality of game - is not present.

And the hero of a match goalkeeper Malafeev modestly extolled merits of team mate:

- All command has very well played in protection. Not only players of defence, but also halfbacks departed often back, helping us to understand on last boundaries. Accurately covered almost all blows, and at me even have arisen in this connection problems: the matter is that in club I enter game is much more often, and here the ball reached me seldom, and it was important not to lose a game tone. And that to enemy   fans, the full stadium which is ill against us, better, than empty tribunes.

- At you dialogue with Slovak arbitrator Ljuboshem Mihelom has taken place...

- he asked not to play for time. By the way, he spoke to me on - russki, and I on the automatic machine responded it on - anglijski. At it still such surprised eyes were!

And here Guus Hiddink did not radiate special pleasure:

- I Consider, both national teams have lost two points. Struggle in group has become aggravated to a limit. Now for us two matches from English national team become key.

Prezidengt RFS Vitaly Mutko hardly have been less disturbed:

- the Result is natural. And concerning conversations that Hiddink - the lucky, I will tell that I believe not in Hiddink`s good luck, and in our children. At us the young perspective command with very high potential.

Zagreb. Yaroslav KOROBATOV



Croatia - Russia - 0:0
Estonia - England - 0:3
Andorra - Israel - 0:2


Continuous zero...

After a match with Croats even has in the sleep dreamt: the reporting I write. No, I do not write. I suffer. Perhaps to tell about what our children almost never for 90 minutes have got to a goal mouth? Or about what the head coach of a national team Guus Hiddink was happy after a match?

All know: Guus - the lucky. And from prison (for non-payment of taxes) has beaten off, as from sumy, and some commands lifted almost to heavens, for example, Koreans.

Has told to Hiddink right after games: result worthy, but games any. Comment, main!

- Not - and. Without comments, - Hiddink has responded.

Basically it is right. And what to make comments? What there is no national team which can really struggle for something?

Here already and stones have departed to my party. Say, that you drive, the muzhik? Thank God that a drawn game that feet have carried away!

And I here sit also the handle plastic in a hotel room in Zagreb I bite. Because further - that I see nothing. In sense - national team prospects.

Recently saw on the TV as ten years` boys play. Passions ecumenical. They wanted to play. Also played. What adults - that suffer?

Yes, I understand: we have left Zagreb with the world. Only for our national team the world very dangerous. Be trampled down in the field bears - that the command can also - to play when will be? Time given to Guus on preparation by a national team, has passed for a long time. And the pleasure and pride all is not present. Melancholy.

About football as it is accepted, people, or nothing understanding, or considered as the big experts write. Consider that I not understanding . Not understanding how Russian national team with the game shown in Croatia, will reach the final of the future European championship.

Vladimir KOZIN

Group E

And In N P M About
Croatia 7 5 2 0 16 - 4 17
Israel 8 5 2 1 17 - 7 17
Russia class=article - text> 7 4 3 0 11 - 1 15
England 7 4 2 1 12 - 2 14
Macedonia 7 2 1 4 6 - 7 7
Estonia 7 0 7 0 - 14 0
Andorra 7 0 0 7 1 - 28 0

the Remained matches of our national team:

on September, 8th
Russia - Macedonia

on September, 12th
England - Russia

on October, 17th
Russia - England

on November, 17th
Israel - Russia

on November, 21st
Andorra - Russia