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Foreigners have learnt, who such street muggers

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some months our foreign readers exasperate us with a question: “ And street muggers are who? “. About appearance of street muggers they have vague representations thanks to our heading Face Control: say, it is such Russian children of type “ a finger in a mouth do not put “ with a pimply skin and stupid persons in which one thought " is reflected only; yes I put on you! “. These to guys to squat more comfortably, than to stand. But, the most important thing, is last man`s individuals on mother Earth to which manage to carry leather gangster caps 1920 - h years with a glamour - all the others in such caps are similar unless to pederasts from the theatrical school, rehearsing any musical.

Street muggers are abrupt that in their world there is no self-irony place. That - that, and “ Authenticities “ from them you will not take away. During an epoch, when “ authenticity “ - the most valuable and rare quality, street muggers occupy the top step of hierarchy of a steepness in the world. The proof of authenticity of street muggers - their extremely brave tastes: a mix of bad taste, threat and inherent “ to the third world “ the loud glamour which impudence and in the sleep will not dream even to the most vanguard - razavangardnomu from western “ the advanced people “ - in their bourgeois white handles he in a trice will turn back a harmless kitsch. Even that fact that street muggers like to cut a techno to the full extent, to sing govennye songs under a karaoke in cheap cafes with tsvetomuzykoj or to carry cheap peaked leather boots well matched the caps - to tablets in style of a ragtime 1920 - h, cannot take away from them the status of the most dangerous geeks from among the white population of all this world.

But history of the Russian street muggers - completely not plain hymn in honour of a kind of an authentic steepness which was opened yet for itself by bourgeoisie. On the contrary, it is tragedy, worthy on the scale of the big literature. Like the Old South at Folknera or to noblemen leaving in the past - to landowners at Tolstoy, the Russian street muggers - heroes of the tragical legend on dying out breed of people, when - that so proud of itself.

Charles Portis notices: when in the guidebook any people name “ proud “ it usually an euphemism meaning “ more likely beasts, than people “. As to street muggers they it is valid to people hardly hold out, and in it their obscene charm consists. To take though a word “ the street mugger “: will be terms which on all hundred correspond to designated object a little. “ Gop “ sounds spitefully, stupidly and ridiculously, but it is not so ridiculous, that you dared to laugh to the street mugger in the person. This word amuses also to a private trip - when you reliably barricaded in the car, glasses are lifted, doors are locked, a foot on a gas pedal, and children and the wife in horror cry out: “ Only do not stop on “ red “! “

  How and when there was a culture of street muggers?

the Word “ the street mugger “ was not the witty invention of the poet. In its basis, as well as at the heart of many other wonderful Russian words, the abbreviation lies: “ the State hostel of proletariat “. Add to “ Island P “ a suffix “ nik “ - and the new biological kind is ready.

And he was born if to believe legends, after Bolshevist revolution. According to the reliable sources which we have (and this opinion of the vocalist of group “ Leningrad “ the Cord), street muggers came in 1920 - h years to Petrograd in job searches. By origin they were peasants or at all a landless down-and-outs. They fell out crowds of trains and at luck found to itself a haven in recently reconstructed hostels where turned to the first local ghetto gangstas the Soviet Russia.

At a kind “ the street mugger ordinary “ Even there was a concrete area of dwelling - the Ligovsky prospectus, the house 10. Actually, it is the hostel which nowadays is called “ October “ which the Soviet authorities have made a hostel for visitors of proletarians, and street muggers have after the own fashion transformed into collectivist gangster club. As they and at themselves - that in villages were outsiders, is frequent children from incomplete families, and many already had on the bill small crimes if not that is worse, indigenous population of Petrograd, and then Leningrad concerned street muggers fastidiously. They have entered into legends as blatari and lucky which the Soviet system could not break even. They had a code of honour, they lived by own rules, they had tattoos on fingers, the fashions. They represented something of caste type “ thieves in the law “ in the world of offenders - “ hooligans “.

In due course when a specific fashion, sleng and outlook of street muggers have extended among the lowest classes of the population of the country, the word meaning has changed. Now expression “ the street mugger “ designated not the abrupt rural guy from a building where the hostel " has then taken place; October “ and any slippery person with a smoothfaced head, in a jacket from a thick skin, foolish leather boots and an immortal cap - a tablet. As it was possible to name any guy who squats in a court yard, dressed in a jumpsuit and slippers, othlebyvaet from a throat “ Zhigulevsk “ also nibbles sunflower seeds, and sometimes shouts at the wife that it has shut up because at it - that no cares are present - know only take out the child on walk in a second-hand Turkish carriage which it has withdrawn from another`s hut...

In 1990 - h it seemed that street muggers will soon take hold if not of the whole world, at least, the one sixth land on our planet. Street muggers corrected ball in all glorified 11 time zones of Russia - from a hall of nowadays taken down hostel “ Intourist “ in total in steam of hundreds metres from Red Square to the quay bordered with commercial booths in Vladivostok and in all geographical points between them. Street muggers - or the Russian men who have adopted style of street muggers, - have gushed in all spheres of life, from “ biznes “ where they played a role shesterok and gun meat, to a policy where as deputies from LDPR they have formed a resistance kernel to the western influence.

All nation has left in street muggers: smoothfaced heads, severe persons on which it was read: “ I trampled down a zone! “ and unusual gift to choose the most insipid clothes, how much it cost. Some have replaced leather jackets and “ olimpijki “ on brown blazers from Hugo Boss. But they could not be kept from temptation to supplement all it is shining mulkami: gold chains on hands and a neck, the heaped up hours which, at all their authenticity so shone gold that seemed fast a cheap Vietnamese fake. Most remarkable that 1990 - the m echoed years ideal gopnichesky a soundtrack: govennoe a techno, non - stop rattling from each restaurant, each booth with shaurmoj, from everyone “ a Zhiguli “ or stolen “ a Mercedes “ from each hotel room adapted under “ ofis “. Where you brought in Russia 1990 - h, from a bad techno it was not simple rescue.

But anybody then did not realise, and today realise only the few that 1990 - e years were not so much soar of the Nation of Street muggers, how much the Beginning of its End.

In last uik - end we have decided to arrange the Street mugger - the Safari - to carry out field anthropological expedition, to acquaint with the world of street muggers you, readers eXile. We have asked our Russian friends where is better to go for supervision over street muggers in their native habitat. Advice was the most different: “ Yes of them everywhere it is full! “ “ Ezzhajte in any Russian city at random! “ “ Even it is not necessary to leave Moscow: leave the underground at any station outside of a ring line, and they will find you “.

the Most interesting answer Vick Brook`s our journalist, when - that writing for us has given column Generation Elitny: “ Be winded to Velikie Luki. “ the big Onions “. There as though live type all - all my relatives - the aunt washing her husband - the alcoholic, my cousin Maxim - it the security guard, my other cousin Alexey - it too the security guard, in bank works at cotton-mill, and my cousin Natasha - it gets divorced from the husband, it the rascal and the idler, my uncle Alexander - it trades in the Chinese footwear in the market, and his son Alexander - it ministers in army, and its second son Edward - this on a broader scale is not clear, than is engaged. In - the general, street muggers to a fig - at me all relatives street muggers “.

Alas, the Big Onions are in the Pskov area, and we needed something more close. Among cities of Moscow Region any cannot contend on gloomy reputation with Lyubertsy, working suburb in the south of Moscow at once on that party of MKAD. In 1990 - h Lyubertsy had a reputation for capital of street muggers. The criminal act was there the same widespread phenomenon, as jumpsuits and a peel from sunflower seeds. One girl who born and has grown in Lyubertsy, and in the beginning 1990 - h moved to Moscow, has told to us: “ All guys whom I there knew, were street muggers. If you there go, for certain will see them everywhere, but I can not precisely tell - since then I there did not happen “. When we have asked, a leah can call it to someone from child-hood friends, she has informed: “ I can not. Almost all have died, who from drugs, someone have shot, someone have killed. The others have got out therefrom and have replaced a residence, as I. I there more know nobody “.

in the Early evening on Saturday we have gone to Lyubertsy by a taxi. In the street it was hot, more hotly, than usually at this time year. We have judged so: though the part of street muggers for certain relaxes at any hollow where poisonous industrial wastes (called local " lap; a beach “ or “ lake “) We will see enough individuals on kortochkah at booths and in court yard that our anthropological expectations have come true. But we have made unexpected opening. We have slowly driven on centre Ljuberets, expecting to see if not fresh corpses - a material for our column Death Porn - that, at least, the stains of blood bearing to recent events of this kind. But actually the city has appeared... e - e - e... Let somebody will strike us on a muzzle the wet big fish that we now will tell, but the city has appeared... e - e - e... There is enough - taki pleasant, in the spirit of family idyll. Shady streets, it is a lot of greens, the pure sidewalks walking couples and families. On one piece of one of the central streets we have counted at least four Japanese restaurants, and also some standard restaurants of a network “ Rosinter “ and Torgovie Tsentri, partitioned off on kletushki for hamsters.

However, in Lyubertsy was less than megaexpensive foreign cars, but inexpensive - full - it is full. Even “ a Zhiguli “ were accurate and pure. One has got to us only “ a harmony “ with tuning in style “ a disco - a wheelbarrow “ - with blinking red sparks. If in America is “ Rice Rockets “ at this Nation of Street muggers the should be indispensable “ SHaurma - shuttles “ (“ Shawarma Shuttles “) . However we have noticed one and only “ SHaurma - a shuttle “ in the whole sea of bourgeois cars. To walk across Lyubertsy it was senseless. If we want to find street muggers should and think as street muggers. Where they will go? In park! And it is not simple in park, but in that place in park where round a booth vomiting a hoarse techno 1990 - h, the plastic garden furniture is placed. It, speaking in language of street muggers, “ cafe “. H`m...

we will not tighten our story. We have found park. And “ kafe “ with plastic garden furniture too. Took beer. Have sat down. And to fail to us through the earth if we have seen round ourselves though one street mugger for all time while there idled. Actually, kafe was rather civilised: the techno did not rattle, beer was cold, visitors were not put in another`s affairs - and among them even there was a couple indi - is ready. At first we began to complain at the top of the voice, mourning that remained without a material. But then the disappointment has started to outgrow in alarm. What`s happened with street muggers? Perhaps all of them where - that have left for the weekend? Or weather for them too hot? Or they have left Lyubertsy for the sake of more haunts of vice?

We have decided to leave from civilised “ kafe “ and to walk on park, among a sad collection of rusty children`s attractions of Soviet period to which did not have not enough only the tablet: “ If you wish to make abortion though all terms have passed, plant the child in an armchair on this attraction, depart far away, give us five roubles, and we will make all the rest “. In park we have noticed the company of the men bared to a belt which played tricks at a horizontal bar. But, having approached more close, have realised that it at all street muggers, and Caucasians, “ chernozhopye “ diametrical contrast of street muggers. proshatavshis some hours across Lyubertsy, we at last have surrendered. If here street muggers are not present, where for them to search, their mother for a foot?

Then we have chosen one of the most ominous areas of Moscow, Brateevo which name is synonymous to concept “ the street mugger “. It is one of the remote areas where each square inch of the earth is filled 17 - floor white panel houses - huge, dreadful, combined of dirty - white concrete plates. When you approach on Brateevo on MKAD, apparently, that panel houses are stuck there so closely and chaotically that is not clear, how on a broader scale between them it is possible to squeeze - for certain the sun here does not shine also all vegetation has withered. But, alas, not all gold that shines.

And again, having armed with beer and having gone in most govnishche, we have found out ourselves face to face with someone much worse, than brigades of squatting street muggers - among hordes of people which with street muggers nothing united. And again families, baby carriages, good cars, the teenagers dressed on a new fashion - such goty pop pouring, the beautiful girls, walking doggies. In practice Brateevo became so cosmopolitan that though we purposely loudly spoke on - anglijski, on us anybody and attention has not converted. We were ignored even by vagrant dogs. It is necessary to glance only in a local billiard room. If where and to search for street muggers - though one splinter of olden time - that only there. Well, guess from three times whom we there have not found.    

If you watch Russian blog sphere to you will seem that in Russia street muggers are so omnipresent that here - here will breed over any limit, will rush through borders and will grasp China. Where stick, on sites scoff at Russian street muggers or mock at them so zealously that it already passes in doxology. To us followed in advance the nobility, proceeding from our western experience, That there is every time as the advanced people open for themselves any “ authentic “ subculture of the lowest class. Consider that the subculture is dead, has died, has ruined. Actually, in it and sense of our article: we want not only to acquaint the world with the Street mugger, but at the same time and to inform about it, the Street mugger, tragical death. Wherefore as soon as something so abrupt becomes fashionable, wait for a misfortune.

That became with street muggers? The majority of sources converge that their extinction was contributed by two factors. The first: in 1980 - 1990 - h years suddenly heavy drugs and the weapon also became everywhere accessible. Their introduction in so fearless and primitive culture as gopnicheskaja, meant that for one decade almost half of individuals has gone to a better world.

the Second reason is more connected with inhabitancy changes. The ward of the western bourgeois values and cultural preferences, and also the beginning of the period of external stability, growth and sobriety at Putin means that 70 - to summer reign of the street mugger as the king of the world of rebels the end has suddenly come: Russians of all social strata have quickly begun to hate muzhlanskuju an aesthetics of street muggers. Russian were ashamed of street muggers and looked at them with loathing, and only year - two ago when was already late, have realised that street muggers were great national wealth, “ Russian idea “ in a human appearance, unique who did not fall to a facade.

When - that young Russian “ abrupt “ romaticized street muggers, but now they follow an example rappers (preferably white). Neopatriots of a Putin epoch too do not need any more street muggers though street muggers always were the most ardent Russian patriots. During Putin`s epoch patriotically adjusted youth looks faster on - European, puts on more likely on - European, listens to music in European and even in the American style. A unique rudiment the street mugger - a gene - what even the most quasiwestern by sight the young Russian guy (or the young Russian girl) carries classical outlook of the street mugger in heart: blind chauvinism, an Antiamericanism, hatred to black and, of course, propensity to gopnicheskim to tricks on flights “ Aeroflot “ where even at the richest and a lot of travelling Russian joins retsessivnye gopnicheskie genes, forcing it (it) to dress up in a jumpsuit and slippers, to suppress cognac “ Moscow “ loudly to sing songs and to be bent through armchairs of neighbours - if not to fall on neighbours.

But in the same way as mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex by evolution has turned to a pigeon, directly we in the face of have prompt degradation of the street mugger, its transformation into a being, źīņīšīe it is possible to name only “ the lean guy with the liquid cook who is represented to all as a brand - the manager, and actually works in a booth “ the Euronetwork “ where has managed to pocket enough money for purchase second-hand “ Nissan Almera “ which he loves above all “.

Anything so eloquently does not say about tragical disappearance of the street mugger from off the face of the Earth, as that fact that the Cord from group “ Leningrad “ the big fan gopnicheskoj cultures, is going to open in native St.-Petersburg “ the Museum of street muggers “. The Cord group romaticizes street muggers before public from middle class which at last - that has estimated them, though and in semiironic spirit which would be impossible if street muggers have not disappeared. Even a primary cradle of street muggers - the house 10 under the Ligovsky prospectus - today not that other, as three-stars hotel where night in the cheapest number will manage in 100 dollars.

As well as in a case with Old Jugom Folknera and dying out noblemen - Tolstoy`s landowners, we glorify and we wail over Russian street muggers only today when already late, and they can be for us unless aesthetic objects, symbols of the left epoch which was much purer than ours, did not suffer affliction diffident ironicalness and deeply secondary steepness, an epoch where there was no sad office life, more and more tightening Russians during Putin`s epoch.

That Oleg Lavrov, the head of the Moscow branch of LDPR speak about street muggers of a policy


“ We consider that street muggers - the most powerful in Russia political force. People laugh at us, name us party of outcasts: street muggers, thieves, tramps and drunkards. But, understand, all people, whose interests anybody any more does not represent this. We have created our points at railway stations, and at one time we had one million members. When we have put forward Malyshkina the candidate for presidents on elections of 2004, people were in shock. Well, it, of course, not the intellectual, but street muggers for it will vote “.

Anatomy of the street mugger

the Cap - a tablet - a key element of the dress of the street mugger. Leather - for murders, a strip - for any trifles of type of rape on a summer residence.

Ears - are usually bulged more strongly, than at usual gomo the sapiens, thanks to fights, and also an indispensable hairstyle under a zero.

the Shish kebab - street muggers (as well as all Russian) consider that meat of all is more tasty, when it is fried on a stick over fire.

Sports trousers and hitherto remain most ergodinamichnymi for sitting on kortochkah.

Footwear - street muggers prefer) sharp-nosed leather boots or slippers, but in process of acculturation sometimes put on krossovki.

the Glass - all know that vodka of all is more tasty, when it submit warm in plastic glasses. It is very important, that on its surface some midges floated.

the Jacket - be at it on a bumper a label, there it would be written “ do not think, the leather jacket at me is “.

the Forehead - convex frontal shares are inherited from far ancestors - people.