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Leah can rescue the child the father from an appeal?

I have a friend who has passed already four appeals. If it is fair, it simply disappears from the summons from a military registration and enlistment office. Delays at it any are not present. But there is a civil wife. And in November of last year the child (to which it will soon be executed one and a half year) was unexpectedly found out in it. A leah has the right my friend to receive a delay from service in army? If yes, as it to make? I ask to help advice.

Sergey Gubin. The Kemerovo region.

Yes, your friend has the right to a delay. According to point d point 1 of article 25 of the Federal law About a conscription and military service from March, 28th, 1998 53 - FZ (with the subsequent changes and additions) the draught deferment on military service is given to the citizens having the child is elderly till three years. For realisation of the above-stated right it is necessary for your friend to be converted into a military commissariat in a place of the military account and to present the documents confirming paternity. More the detail information are obliged to give in a military commissariat.

The earlier your friend will make it, the it is less at it can be troubles.

As after divorce with the wife to go with the child in holiday?

Soon it is necessary to me divorce with the wife., Most likely, the court will leave the child to it. A leah and after divorce will be to have the right my minor child together with me to go in holiday and back (or in any other cases) under military transportation documents? If yes, this question is regulated by what documents?

Andrey Osipov, the major. Ufa, Bashkortostan.

Yes, your child will have such right, as it remains a member of your family. The persons concerning members of a family of the military man, passing military service under the contract, are listed in paragraphs 6 - 10 points 5 of article 2 of the Federal law About the status of military men from May, 27th, 1998 76 - FZ (with the subsequent changes and additions). In the specified list are included (including) and minor children.

Members of a family of the military man - the citizen passing military service under the contract, - have the right on the bases established for military men, to journey on a gratuitous basis:

- from a residence to a place of military service of the military man in connection with its transfer into a new place of military service;

- once a year - to a place of use of holiday and back (except for members of families of the military men passing military service under the contract in connections and military units of constant readiness on posts, subject to acquisition by soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen, and enlisted under the contract after January, 1st, 2004);

- on treatment in medical institutions on the conclusion military - the medical commission and back;

- at dismissal of the military man from military service - to the selected residence.