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Wonderful healing: Deaf-mute Marina began to hear and has started talking thanks to dances

16 - from Krasnodar all counter guys see off summer beauty Marina Delok lingering looks. A fine-moulded figure, graceful movements of the professional dancer and irreproachable speech.

- Eh to get acquainted... - admirers dream.

it is difficult to believe, but still six years ago this   the little girl was seriously ill. On its medical card big   by letters it is deduced: the Invalid . The diagnosis - bilateral sensonevralnaja relative deafness of the third degree . In other words, almost full deafness. Worse - only the fourth degree, when already   any hearing aid   will not help.

- Chances at the patient are not present,   -   doctors cut off.

Teachers declared to parents that to their daughter not a place at usual school among healthy children. Marina was indeed similar on mentally retarded. From - that did not hear a sound, she did not talk, but only inarticulately lowed, and from pressure constantly touched corners.

To the third class the babe studied at usual school. So the parents assured have insisted that the daughter needs to be adapted for life among the noisy world for others. In the third class of Marishu have translated in correctional school for children with deviations in development. But also here the girl has appeared behind all pupils. Did not answer questions,   was silent and avoided people. Chances to return to normal, usual life for the majority at it remains ever less.

And then Marina`s passion of a steel... Dances. Once the girl has come on employment to ensemble which works at school, and gestures has explained that too wants to dance.

- I have understood at once that at it leaves nothing, - Marina Pavlycheva has told the choreographer. - Marishka was chubby, very awkward, reaction so braked what to teach to dance it is simply impossible. It continually simply fell! But the persistence amazed it. Will crash down on a floor, bruises to itself will catechize, and next day again at me on employment. Left last, all asked me on - to the, signs that is, - work still... We - that were engaged, but shifts all the same were not any.

Progress has begun only after two years. Amazing courage: seldom who from adults   will not lose hope when all thy efforts go ashes. And here the child, moreover and seriously sick. But, probably, to such, persistent, good luck comes.

When to Marina it was executed twelve, its dancing pases became more or less tolerable. And there and then the girl has started to smile, react to references that for children with such diagnosis the higher achievement. But there is more to come. After even two years, in 14 years, it was suddenly found out that Marina dances best in ensemble! It was necessary to it to step on the stage, and   public faded with delight. The talented girl called on competitions where it took prize-winning places. And even have included in delegation from Kuban at the Second International economic forum in Hanover. The girl with the partner has executed to a point so that pair have there and then invited to act in Paris. Since then at   Marinas are not present a release   from offers. But the most important thing - the little girl silent to the seventh class has removed the hearing aid and has started talking! And it is correct and clear. Never you will tell that several years ago Marisha communicated with associates only low and gestures!

- I and tried to speak earlier, but with words left badly, and here suddenly tritely and have gone, - Marina has told to us. - oh, it so is healthy - for hearing, how sing birds!  

in study the girl has made up for Flaws in schitannye months. Now in a class it - one of the best. The warm friend at the girl while is not present, though it is enough admirers. Marina - the girl serious. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to enter the university.

- Well than I am worse than Oksana Fedorovoj? It after all too the lawyer and the dancer, - jokes Marisha.

the Conclusion of doctors: bilateral sensonevralnaja relative deafness of the third degree. Worse - only the fourth degree. It is full deafness.


This case is unique

- Such difficult situation as at Marina, teachers can correct only, - the logopedist Tatyana ZAHARCHENKO speaks. - But that the child with its diagnosis has completely recovered... I in the practice meet the such for the first time, it is a unique case. I think, here all the matter is that the girl could realise itself and consequently began to reveal.

be not afraid to give the child to a special school

- Often parents are afraid to give children to correctional institutions and to it only harm to them, after all at usual school the child cannot adapt, - the director of the Krasnodar correctional school 26 Edward MIKIRTYCHEV considers. - Marina Delok`s Example is indicative. With it experts began to be engaged, and it has led to positive results.