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Leaders Morning mail brothers of Ponomarenko: Danilko thinks that all humorists abhor it!

already wrote that from Evgenie Petrosyan`s program the Curve mirror some actors have left at once. Spectators especially missed jokes of brothers of Ponomarenko. It wanted to us to ask parodists why they have left the program. But conversation has gradually moved on other subjects. Language at brothers is suspended well - can tell long about a situation on a modern platform...

And on a broader scale on life they serious enough people, jokers you will not name. Even there are some sad. It and is clear: worry about destiny of our humour.

Serdjuchka has countenanced us!

- you now conduct Morning mail on the channel Russia ...

- This transfer remained very kind, light, in it there are no scandals and juicy details... But on a broader scale our path - parodies. Recently have made a parody to Verku Serdjuchku and have met with approval from Danilko. He has told that for the first time the parody to its heroine is really good: we have passed not external similarity, and have caught character, a core.

- to you it is pleasant?

- Andrey Danilko - the brilliant, ingenious actor! And the variety humour has much lost after its leaving in singing career. Even Petrosyan told it supposedly you itself songs has killed.

Danilko could play everybody - any character: the alcoholic, the restrained little man in chaplinskih panties, the militiaman, the loader, the railwayman, the loony. Into a skin of everyone could get. But meaningly has not wanted it, believing that the road is necessary. And its songs were untwisted casually.

In life of Danilko it is closed, it is a strong hold, the world which has developed a circle. It seems to it that all humorists abhor it till now, but it is far not so.

- And what do you think of Maxim Galkin?

- We are professional parodists. And at us a high lath in an estimation of colleagues. As the actor and actor Galkin any. We will not be afraid it to speak aloud because so it and is. At it gift of the linguist, the showman, the TV presenter, but not litsedejsky incarnating gift.

Eshchenko at concerts preaches krishnaizm

- Heard, today in a camp of humorists hobby for mysticism?

- I do not know about mysticism. We were fond of esoteric east doctrine, classical yoga. Glory of Eshchenko - krishnait. When at solo concerts it suddenly starts to preach - and at it simply smothering shouts! - the spectator it does not conceive. To the spectator submit humour. And it is correct: he has come to look at the humorist! And during any moment it is necessary to make a choice, than you want to be engaged and whom to be more.

- the Reasons of our leaving from Curve mirror ?

- the Mirror has turned to the conveyor. And any collective when works on the conveyor, starts to give out stamped production eventually. Or fresh blood is necessary, or each participant should change, try the new. At a certain stage we have felt that us is uninteresting use in the program. It would not be desirable to parody the same characters any more, and new our ideas did not pass.

From the point of view of the finance, the Mirror absolutely unattractively. Paid there a little. But at all in money has put. If we were carried away by idea, novelty, the sense would be to concern work with fanaticism!

Petrosyan mounted the Mirror till four mornings

- About Petrosyan we remained valid opinion. It has a healthy ambition. To four o`clock in the morning in studio could mount, and in 10 mornings already to be on work. Actually, and for us, preparing the Mirror to sit to two o`clock in the morning in studio it was normal. Even attention to it did not convert, anybody for processing did not ask payment...

We for two months   have informed it that we leave. The voiced reasons, apparently, did not suit it. Since then we did not communicate any more.

This program already many have left. If also New Russian grandmas will leave, the Curve mirror will cease to exist. But after all they there on position of tonics, to them the special relation, they - a trade mark of this program, to it is very difficult to dare at leaving. And we have not so become attached, us not so have treated kindly - here we and could take this step.


Alexander and Valery ponomarenko were born on June, 13th, 1967 in Rostov-on-Don. Valery - the professional actor of drama theatre, Alexander - the musician, the guitarist. As the humorist began to act as the first Valery, Alexander has joined later. Brothers worked with Gennady Hazanovym at Variety theatre, then became constant participants the Notice having left from Dubovitsky, have filled up Petrosyan`s command, and now abide in free swimming and creative flight.