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Even cellular with hends - fri to the driver it is dangerous!

the cellular company has organised the test - a drive under the name Influence of a mobile phone on car driving . Aha, will tell now that no trouble in it is not present - with such mood I have gone on the Hodynsky field where took place experiment. To the cellular operator it is favourable, that we stirred everywhere and always! But it has appeared that it were fair researches.
As made experiment? experimental there were ten drivers with the different experience, including professional race driver Denis Suhostavsky. Their attention was fixed by the special bracelet working by a principle the lie detector . Just the same devices provide security on the railway: they trace a status of the machinist and can even stop a train if the person falls asleep or will faint. The driver in clever Bracelet goes - and here to it call on mobile and ask questions.
- We expected that calls will lower attention at third of examinees of drivers. But the device has shown decrease in attention at 9 of 10 participants of experiment! Even at Denis Suhostavsky who first defied the experience, - the candidate of medical sciences Vyacheslav SHAHNAROVICH shares. He with 1970 - h is engaged years in traffic safety. - questions by phone set the tricky: How much girls were in your class? how called the most beautiful? the person is urged to concentrate on answers - and as a result pays less attention that occurs around! And after all on real road also not such nervous calls happen!
Here results of the Moscow experiment:
the attention decreases on the average in 50 seconds after the phone conversation beginning;
even after a call concentration of attention is restored not at once, and through 1 - 2 seconds;
most of all the driver distracts, if the conversation subject is emotional, he needs to remember or be converted with concentration something to logic functions of thinking;

set hends - fri does not reduce risk;
men and women equally react to distracting factor - a mobile phone call.
you Stand in a stopper - it is a high time to make pair of the necessary calls!
- the Greatest error! - Shahnarovich is assured. - in a stopper the driver relaxes and quite often fails in a somnolence for a second - another. And the phone conversation reduces reaction even more. And you after all are not at a stop - slowly move. The forward car - and here you already " will sharply brake; have dived to it in a tail .
- the Ear-phones, which all time fall out of an ear, precisely will not help. You will distract not less than when speak with a tube at an ear. Even worse - the poor communication, and with hends - fri so happens often, - considers Shahnarovich. - SMS, by the way, even more dangerously. A problem the embedded system in many respects solves: a public address system and voice-activated control. Then you will not lose attention at least from - for mechanical actions. But all the same the information which you receive by phone, distracts from road. I fine understand that mobile phones - not the greatest problem on our roads. But it is necessary to realise that they increase risk to get to trouble.