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Summer problems of motorists

Continuation. The beginning see in - “ Cars “ for May, 25th
gasoline Explosion
That who just in case carries in a luggage carrier kanistrochku with gasoline, it is necessary to remember that it cannot be filled completely. The maximum is the four fifth volume.
All the matter is that in a heat, and especially in the closed luggage carrier, gasoline extends (“ gorjuchka “ possesses high expansion ratio) and it is literally torn outside.
If you will appear near to a sigarette in teeth, it will turn out rather strong “ women “.
the Elevated pressure in tyres
in the Summer experts recommend to check pressure a manometre more often usual - time and again in a month, and everyone two - three weeks. It is connected by that on heat rubber and air inside strongly heat up from what pressure raises. Besides tyres at driving on the excited asphalt unless do not light up.
to Learn about what pressure for your car is considered normal, it is possible from the user`s guide.

And still birds leave also such traces.
Traces from birds
the Bird`s dung contains alkaline structure which spoils a paint. To avoid “ bombardments “ your car feathery, whenever possible do not put the car under trees.
Inveterate traces can be cleared by means of chemical means (is special for removal of the bird`s dung, bitumen and insects).
 destruction of the favourite pupil
how much time repeated to the world. But from year to year history repeats itself: owners leave the pupils in the car and when come back - see the lost pupil. During hot time the car body is heated, the salon gets warm, as a fire chamber in a boiler-house, - and to choke in such conditions it is possible for few minutes.
Moreover, happened that parents left in salons of children. It it is not necessary to do under no circumstances: the child, having indulged rychazhkami, can immure itself.