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Simple things for good actors

Simple things
the Director: Alexey Popogrebsky
In roles: Sergey Puskepalis, Leonid Bronevoj, Svetlana Kamynina
Alexey Popogrebsky, the director of this film, has some years ago become famous for a modest picture Koktebel removed together with Boris Hlebnikovym. From its new - already independent - works waited very many. Literally next revival cinema Russian.
... The first hour Popogrebsky does atmosphere carefully drawing in detail life of the simple person: moderately fair, moderately drinking, moderately charming anaesthesiologist Sergey Maslov. He lives in a Petersburg communal flat with the wife and the daughter - the teenager. On work tears off from patients on 500 roubles (or a box of sweets) making anaesthesia on - to the present qualitatively. In the evenings thumps with friends in an inexpensive bar. Such here the quite good muzhik at whom the big vital difficulties were outlined.
In - the first, the mistress jibs and interferes with the further intercourses; in - the second, GAI officers have selected the rights, having guessed a vodka smell; in - the third, in a family the silent horror begins. The daughter has made up lips shoe polish and has run away from the house with any guy, and the wife on fifth ten suddenly has again appeared is pregnant... And here to the anaesthesiologist suddenly carries: podvorachivaetsja magnificent halturka.
Old, lonely, whimsical, mortally sick actor Zhuravlyov bequeathed not which apartment to doubtful firm in exchange for lifelong leaving. To Maslov offer once a day for 50 dollars to come to the old man and to inject to it anaesthetising. The actor, having settled down to Maslov and having learnt about its house problems, decides to present to it Repin original, it is imperceptible pyljashchijsja on a wall. But for this gift Maslov should it render defined, and ominous enough service.
* * *
In Simple things on a broader scale - that can be praised much. In - the first, there there is amazing Leonid Bronevoj. In - the second - much less known, but too very talented actor Sergey Puskepalis (by the way, Peter Fomenko`s school). In - the third, some brilliant tragicomic scenes and precisely reproduced reality - without a seamy side, without pereigryvanija, with full effect of immersing. In general - that, Popogrebsky all does perfectly, but is equal until as at it the plot starts to be fastened. It operates a plot approximately as its drunk hero - the break right-hand drive foreign car. Eventually, having closed eyes and having seized a steering-wheel, it drives to a happy end sustained in an aesthetics of a newsreel Jumble . Like and destructions are not present victims, - but the spectator leaves a little discouraged a hall.
do not think that: Alexey Popogrebsky - very talented person. To do a fabric it already has learnt. Will learn to cut and sew when - nibud then.