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What will telestars make with figurines TEFI?

At ceremony TEFI - 2006 have once again defined favourites of television of our country. Remembering Andrey Malakhov`s last year`s idea - to dismember Orfeja and to present slices to friends, we have decided to find out about destiny of figurines of this year.    

Michael Shats is afraid that a prize will steal

(the program Good jokes channel STS)

- We with the wife (Tatyana Lazarevoj. - Red.) Not originals. A figurine have put in a case.

- Houses?

  - I will not tell. I do not want to give navodku. Suddenly an award will want to steal... And if it is serious, same the second received by us Orfej . So one costs at home, and another - at office.

Stories in details : Orfej on tours!

(the program Stories in details channel STS)

- Our award has gone in tour tour on collective houses Stories in details . Now costs at Konstantin Kapitonova, then will go to the Penza area to Alexey Druzhinin. The tour Orfej will finish in celebratory night at me on a summer residence where all of us will be going to meet New year. Then will take a place on to a glory bedside table on which costs last year`s TEFI.

Sergey Brilev will exile an award

(the program to Conduct the channel Russia )

- Present Orfej costs at me in a drawing room on a book case. It in the good company - among two other same bronze guys. Let while there will live, but if I have to start repair, all Orfei will go to the small link to a summer residence. I hope that for a short while.

One more figurine lives on work - in an office of the editor-in-chief Messages . Last time we have washed victory next day after delivery ceremony, and this year pleasure have postponed - both it is more than awards, and time has less, peak of a travelling season. So we will directly mark achievements in New year - we will go to Suzdal.

At Svanidze the trophy has had time to be oxidised and grow dull.

Nikolay Svanidze: Ours friends entertain cleaners  

(the program Historical chronicles the channel Russia )

- Though Orfeev at us now two, destiny at them on a broader scale - that gloomy. They boringly live on work, in an office on a case. Home I them cannot take away, same not personally my prizes, they belong to collective, all who did our program. Entertain Orfeev our cleaners when a dust from them wipe. Though, you know, last year`s statues looks more dim - can, was oxidised? I did not try on tooth.

Right after ceremonies we have gone in podvalchik where there is our producer firm. There just my wife worked - mounted the following series Historical chronicles . Here it worked, and we struck. Se lja vi, as they say.