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Penguins for ljudishek have opened surf

Catch a wave
Directors: Esh Brennon, Chris Bak
... And a leah here will desire an animated cartoon about undersized pingvinenka Kodi, it come from the city of Kolotun. He adores surfing. It appears, it is old pingvinja tradition - to rush on boards on waves. Authors even hint that birdies, actually, and have invented these sports.
Kodi have a mentor (the grown fat penguin - the surfer who when - that was the great champion, and then speksja, without having sustained a competition from youth). There is a friend - obdolbannyj a chicken. There is a rival - hamovatyj a well-fad penguin - the sportsman, got used to stagger on a wave crest. Is favourite young pingviniha... (Excuse, to me has bothered to retell a plot).
In Russia this melancholy, sample cartoon film, only occasionally bleshchushchy imagination and wit, advertise at the expense of people, its sounded: Timati, Paul the Snowball Will and Alexander Tsekalo. And so, I should admit that never before did not see a film duplicated so ugly. Voices do not coincide with movements of lips (that is beaks) characters: Timati has already stopped to charge extra a remark, and its hero even ten opens wide seconds a beak in a complete silence. However, believe: Catch a wave - not that case when it was necessary to try.
Recently penguins - substitutes of public and the Hollywood producers. Here some films about birdies from the extreme South, raised in hire huge money.

the Way of the emperor (in Russian hire - Birds - 2: travel on the world`s end )
trite enough French dokumentalka about heavy life of imperial penguins in frosty Antarctic. Authors have supplied dumb beings with human emotions and voices: for example, pingviniha, tending to egg, a voice of the French actress says something like About, my kid! When you will be born, however it is a lot of tests to you it is necessary! This banal course has brought to documentation officers approximately 80 million dollars (only in the USA) and Oscar for the best documentary film.

the Animated cartoon about the animals who have run away from nju - jorkskogo a zoo and gone on the African island. The brightest characters - group deranged, but very active penguins; to reach the historical native land - Antarctics - they without hesitation grasp the ship. Alas, they at all do not catch up that there they are waited only by ices and a wind.

Do feet!
the Rough animation comedy about pingvinenka which was absolutely not able to sing. Parents terribly worried (when the boy will grow, how it will allure samochku without a wedded song?) but at pingvinenka there was other talent: it is the best in Antarctic was able to beat off a tap dance. A film have sounded Elajdzha Wood, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Dzhekman; it has raised huge money in hire and has received Oscar for the best cartoon film.