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13 behind a table

Thirteen friends of Oushena
the Director: Stephen Soderberg
In roles: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Al Pacino
the Film Eleven friends of Oushena was a light comedy about the noble predators who have elegantly cleaned a casino in Vegase.
the Film Twelve friends of Oushena was easier, absolutely weightless, places shining: the group of the Hollywood stars hung out on parapets of Europe, sparkled a glamour, got drunk wine in front of the chamber, creating pleasant mood to itself and spectators (well and played at the same time any symbolical plot - something there about abduction of egg Faberge).
In a film Thirteen friends of Oushena the same actors behave so as if at them there has come a hang-over - and for work all the same it is time to leave. They find out themselves in Vegase (opja - jat?!) : Has come it is time to clean a casino of the next villain. In the same way, as in the first film: gracefully, with application of gadgets (into their list this time enter an underground drill for 36 million dollars and the dice fading in the necessary position on wave of a hand).
But... Smiles on hardly the grown old persons Clooney, Pitt and Damon do not shine already. And Stephen Soderberga`s chamber though shivers on - former, but any more in a pleasant drunk relaxation, and is faster on a habit not to change time to the chosen style.
If any innocent soul not familiar with a context of a modern cinema, will come in a cinema, it will be very difficult to it to explain, why that wrinkled old man (the villain performed by Al Pacino) consider as one of the best actors of the present. And why that and that uncles are included into the list of fifty most sexual people of the world. And on a broader scale - that for crowd from 13 cheloveko - units rushes about on the screen, by means of heavy intellectual and physical work breaking one monetary large sum behind another...
That to you to tell, an innocent soul? - These people work.
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