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Piercing in an ear, the evil spirit - in an edge, Linkin Park gives OK

To this frantic group the concrete target audience has come: boys and little girls with piercing in ears, in noses, in eyebrows, in navels. The most ancient mastodontami seemed 30 - summer aged men. About myself I on a broader scale am silent.
- you too on Linkin Park have come? - Has asked me, without having stood test by uncertainty, the clever fellow, a physiognomy in metal rings and balls.
- Is not present, - I have calmed him, - I on Dimu Bilan!
Some seconds the guy stood the stunned. Nearby standing girl-friends have stridently begun to squeal:
- Ur - and - and - and - and - and - and! Beat - and - and - and - and - an!
Boys have shouted:
- To - about - about - about - r - n - and - and - and - and! Roots! Beasts give!
Popular Yankees to leave did not hurry up. The people murmured. Here already ripe the last songs warming up group. The bearded adjuster who has tightened nuts at a drum here has already left. (So laboriously in the Air Forces prepare a fighter for a fighting departure.) And suddenly, chu! As if certain light from twilight, bewitching sounds have broken off human dissonant hubbub:
It starts with one thing
I do not know why
It does not even matter how hard you try
keep that in mind.
It is the clever fellow a breaking youthful falsetto has tightened hit single In The End from the first album Linkin Park. And there and then from different directions, as in a kind Soviet film, the ode was picked up by hundreds young, sonorous voices shivering for stirring. Sounds were lifted in heavens Olympic and, picked up in thousand other voices, reached manhood and krepli, yet not steels complete whole, a hymn to piercing, rebelliousness and inakosti. Here it! Unifying idea of Russia! - having touched, I have thought.
At last the crowd has with relief howled. On a scene six desperate guys jump out. Chester in red in a section rubashonochke, the others in modest dark T-shirts. The DJ the Khan, such Japanese sumoist in shorts, costs at itself behind the panel with the computer, quiet and concentrated. Does not skip and does not run. (By the way, the Japanese half - just vocalist Shinoda, but it is most less similar to it. And at the Khan - the Korean roots.) the others behave fussy, as the flock of the sparrows which have found a small group of grain. Run on a scene, jump, spin as if tops.
But there is in this vanity a deep sense. Music Linkin Park powerful, energetic, full of healthy, positive power. Compositions of these, I will not be afraid to tell, reformers, reach the highest drama expressiveness, as in Walpurgis night from an opera Faust Charles Gounod. (Forgive me, Charles!) Explosive mix of metal and hip - hopa, seasoned with sauce of traditional fate. Chester jumps from time to time from boxes of one-and-a-half-metre height. Roars, as got stuck in a bog KamAZ apparently, that here - sheaves here will tear. From time to time he vulgarly spits out a dense saliva directly on a scene, as if the GAI officer what. Hot. Mike Shinoda waters public. (But it is languid, from a small bottle, not that that Ozzi Osborn - from a bucket!) At any moment I, the crazy aged man, has found out itself dancing together with children, as if the baboon who has caught sight very pretty samochku. Having looked back and having convinced that nobody has noticed this minute weakness, I become strict and unperturbable again, as if the lonely boat easy drifting at storming ocean.
Hybrid Theory - 2000
Reanimation - 2002
Meteora - 2003
Collision Course (& Jay Z) - 2004
Minutes To Midnight - 2007
Linkin Park - six strong musicians from Los - Andzhelesa: vocalist Mike Shinoda, drummer Robu Burdon, guitarist Brad Delson, DJ Joseph Han, the vocalist Chester Bennington, bass player David Farell. Still snotty 19 - summer boys they have come to the big fate in 1996. Have gradually learnt to play, experience has come. In any 4 years already became the best team, pride of America.