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The student cannot hand over more than 10 examinations in a year

In last release Teachers` meeting (see for June, 1st of this year) We have published answers to questions of readers on Uniform state examination. Today - the second part the Direct line . It is devoted high schools. On this subject with readers communicated the deputy head Rosobrnadzora Elena Nikolaevna GEVORKYAN.
- a leah Have the right the Moscow high schools not to accept the certificates assured notarially? They should assure them?
- the State high schools accept the copies of certificates assured or notarially, or high school. The entrant chooses here.
- a leah Has the right the entrant who passed examinations in one high school and has not passed on competition, with the same points to enter other high school?
Igor Nesterenko.
- All depends on concrete high school. If in reception rules it is written that the high school accepts results of introductory tests in other high school you can present the results. Unique restriction for the state high schools - high school can accept results of introductory tests only current year.
- the Child in April took part in creative competition of institute according to which conditions the participants who have won first three places, are enlisted in high school on budgetary mode of study. However by results of competition the child has divided one of the first places with other participant. As a result to us have suggested to arrive in accordance with general practice. A leah of the right high school administration?
- Privileges at receipt in high school, and their three kinds is a reception without examinations, hors concours and the right of priority at reception - are established by federal laws. In this case receipt by results of creative competition has no legislative basis. On budgetary mode of study transfer occurs by results of introductory tests and after the child has brought the document on education. And in April still no documents on education are present!
- And how the Olympic Games following the results of which enlist in high school?
- Transfer by results of separate kinds of the Olympic Games is accurately registered in the federal legislation.
About transfers
- Elena Nikolaevna, my daughter finishes 2 - j a course in Uralsk humanitarian institute (this not state educational institution). A leah can be translated it in the state high school?
- Can. At presence in the state high school of budgetary places and on conditions which will be defined by high school, with obligatory certification.
- how correctly to be translated from faculty to faculty or in other high school not to lose a draught deferment?
- Transfer in high school does not influence a delay. And according to the Law About a conscription and military service The draught deferment on military service is saved for citizens in case of unitary transfer in educational institution of the same level. Thus it is necessary to consider that the program to which the student is translated, should be accredited.
- Prompt, please, than transfer of the student from group in group at one faculty of high school is regulated?
- Internal documents of a higher educational institution.
- And if to be translated from one group in other group it is impossible, a leah probably to be translated to other faculty in the same high school (from economy on management, for example)?
- Such possibility exists and is regulated by the document of Minobrazovanija of Russia (the order from 24. 02. 1998 501), and also the charter of a higher educational institution. First of all you should familiarise with the high school charter, and if such possibility there is stipulated, means, operate according to the specified order further: write the application addressed to the rector to whom it is necessary to put the test book. At the positive decision - prepare for the certification which order is established by high school.
About money
- a leah Lawfully that for a repeating an examination of offsets and examinations demand to pay payments through bank, with which at high school the contract on service.
- the Order of a repeating examinations and offsets is established by the charter of a higher educational institution. And this order should make a reservation in the contract between the student and high school. If the founder has confirmed such charter if such contract is signed by the rector and the student, means, have the right.
All quotations, a payment and how it changes in training, should be stipulated in the contract. The new law which is now accepted as addition and change to the Law About education provides the obligatory conclusion of the contract between the student and high school. In this contract should be considered all a swagger - major situations. Up to if, for example, the high school loses the licence or the certificate on the state accreditation, what responsibility is born for it by the founder and a high school management. Or it douchivanie in other high school, or payment of those means which have been spent by the student for training. The form of the approximate contract will be developed by the Ministry of Education and Science. And of it will inform all entrants. I do not think that it can happen to the beginning of this academic year. A lot of time for document working out, its coordination and the statement in Ministry of Justice is necessary.
- this year the entrant has entered high school. A leah can ask it to conclude with it the contract?
- Certainly.
- Including the student of budgetary branch?
- At us now it is considered that the student of budgetary branch concludes the contract when he writes the application in a higher educational institution. He has written the application that I ask to enlist me on such - that a speciality. But, unfortunately, in this statement these a swagger - major situations do not make a reservation anywhere. Many state high schools already now go on the conclusion of contracts with all students.
- My son - the student 4 - go a course. Studies on budgetary branch. Last year practice passed on one of the dying enterprises of a city. This year has asked on practice on working factory. It took, but with payment of passage of practice. He has paid money according to the contract which has concluded with it factory. A leah can count it on compensation of payment of passage of practice, at least the partial?
- Student`s practice - a component of the state educational standard. And the student himself cannot conclude the contract on practice passage with the enterprise. Such contract consists between high school and the enterprise. Practice is paid by high school. Even at training on off-budget places it is not necessary to pay for practice - the student has already paid this service. Your son needs to understand dean`s office, on what basis it has been urged to pay practice.
About the training program
- My son studies at the first year high school. A leah can study it simultaneously two languages?
- If it is provided by the state educational standard on a speciality, of course, yes. If is not present, for separate payment - as for additional educational service.
- Elena Nikolaevna, in our high school the repeating examinations is forbidden. A leah lawfully it?
- Requirements to current and intermediate control of knowledge of students are established by high school. Possibility of a repeating an examination and quantity of a repeating an examination are defined by the charter confirmed by the founder, and certificates of a higher educational institution. So if there are the white papers confirming an interdiction, means, the repeating an examination is not provided.
- How much examinations should be in high school in one session? At us happens them both 5, and 6.
Svetlana Zhirabok.
- Typical position about high school provides annually no more than 10 examinations and 12 offsets in a year. And within the limits of these figures the high school itself establishes according to the schedule of the educational process, what quantity of examinations and offsets surrenders in one session.
- Hello! I the disabled from childhood (koljasochnik), me of 20 years. I have the certificate about senior secondary education. Leah I can enter high school on remote mode of study, without leaving for delivery of entrance examinations.
- At once I will specify. Remote mode of study does not exist. Four modes of study are legislatively established: internal (day), internally - correspondence (vesper), correspondence and eksternat. And at training on any of these forms remote technologies can be used. It solves high school.
As to carrying out of entrance examinations without departure in high school it is not provided by the current legislation. That is to oblige a higher educational institution to conduct introductory tests in-home it is impossible. But it is possible to apply, for example, in the high schools specialising on training of invalids. About the list of such high schools the information can be got at Institute of availability of education of the Chelyabinsk state university to the address: 454021 streets of Brothers of Kashirinyh, d. 129, Chelyabinsk (http:// www. csu. ru/, odou@csu. ru).
- good afternoon! I am a student 3 - go a course, I am trained on a commercial basis. Recently my mum has transferred operation and became the invalid 2 - j groups, now does not work. A leah tell, please, I have privileges for payment?
the Dyne.
is solves a high school academic council in each specific case.
- I am an invalid 3 - j groups on sight since the childhood and I am going to enter high school on faculty of law. Tell, a leah is at me a privilege. If yes, what documents to receive free higher education are necessary?
- According to the privilege legislation at receipt are provided for children - invalids and invalids 1 - j and 2 - j groups. For invalids 3 - j groups of privileges are not present.
Us close!
- Dear Elena Nikolaevna. I am a student of branch of capital Institute of translators in Petersburg. To us have informed that the branch is subject to liquidation by June, 2008. The majority of students will be let out with the academic inquiries and with diplomas about incomplete higher education. What to do?
Olga Valerevna Melehova.
- you need to be converted to us into Federal Agency (street Shabolovka, 33, Moscow, 115998). We will find out, what situation in high school, and will in case of need be converted into Advice of rectors of high schools of St.-Petersburg with the request to help with transfer of these students in other high schools. At once I will make a reservation: it does not mean machine translation. At students will necessarily check up received by them during knowledge training in that form in which it will establish accepting high school (interview, certification and etc.) .
- Here your service tells all time about planned checks. And it is possible to appear suddenly with off-schedule check of high school? And how it to make? And that to planned all prepare, and so it is possible to see that actually occurs!
Ilya Menshoj. St.-Petersburg.
- Actually we and planned checks spend, and off-schedule. But what off-schedule check means? To appear suddenly in high school unexpectedly we according to the established order we have no right - we should warn about our arrival high school in advance, give the check plan, register all questions on which we want to receive answers in this high school that the high school could prepare necessary documents, materials and etc. But if there there are gross infringements, believe, for three - four days, even for a week, to eliminate them it is impossible. Therefore all of us will equally find out gross infringements.
- And parents can ask, that have inspected high school?
- Yes. We work with letters of citizens, with letters of students, parents. But it does not mean that today we have received the letter, and tomorrow there we will arrive. We carefully prepare for each check, since we can arrive to high school only on the basis of the administrative document.
- And what bases for such check can be?
- At once I will tell: questions on bribes are not included into the Federal Agency competence. We checks inadequate conditions of conducting educational activity: a leah is teachers, a leah suffices the literature. Or quality of teaching - as is read by disciplines which should be in the educational standard.
the Termination the Direct line read in June, 11th.