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The woodcutter cut off to itself a foot to escape

the Californian woodcutter Albert Hill living in one of godforsaken places the State of California, has become famous for the whole world, but remained without a foot.
66 - the summer American brought down wood alone when the trunk of the next tree has fallen to it and has tightly pressed the left foot to the earth. To reach the benzopily at the woodcutter it was impossible, and cellular communication in these backwoods did not work.
Hill has lain in a trap about 12 hours, shouting about the help. Nobody responded, and then he has dared at an extreme measure - began to cut off the clamped foot a knife. When business has been almost finished, on its shout the gold digger passing nearby has responded. Staratel has run behind the help and soon together with the neighbour Hilla Eric Boki they have sawn a tree and have released the captive, and then have called the saving helicopter.
What there was a surprise of physicians when they have seen that the cool woodcutter has not wasted consciousnesses during independent operation. Already in hospital doctors had to complete the work begun by Hillom and to amputate to it the left foot below a knee.
It is known that the animals who have got to a trap quite often bite off to themselves an extremity to be released. It is necessary to arrive similarly sometimes and to people. For example, 4 years ago other American in the State of Utah cut off to itself on an elbow the hand which has been pressed down 350 - a kilogramme stone. There was it in national park, it was not necessary where to count on a quick help, and here any predator quite could reach the poor fellow before rescuers.
the Strong-willed person is capable of much
Margarita VOLOVIKOVA, the doctor of the psychological sciences, the leading research assistant of Institute of psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
- People in extreme situations open often those lines in the character which did not guess.
And we had a similar case. About 20 years ago the doctor - the polar explorer in Antarctica had an appendicitis attack. Other physicians nearby were not. And then it without anaesthesia has performed itself(himself) operation.
Oleg KRASTIN, the deputy director of Institute of surgery it. And. Century of the Vishnevsky Russian Academy of Medical Science:
- How much tall stories were during war. Wounded men even managed to reach with the interrupted carotid to medsanbatov, pressing its fingers.
Certainly, this American should feel enormous painful shock. But here the strong-willed spirit is very important - in any measure it compensates absence of anaesthesia.
Cyrils ANTONS.