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On severo - the capital east palm trees

Well who would grow could think, what such in capital, is far not a tropical climate probably? On the garden Valery Borisov spends excursion, as if the globe rotates:
- Here Russian - a Japanese rock-garden, further the French garden with   accurate geometry, then an English corner where compositions are stylised by a principle of natural negligence. On the other hand an entrance - American - sibirsko - a tropical zone. There, as in salad olive, unity of the incompatible. Palm trees: the date symbolises Arabia, the yucca reminds of America, and belokopytnik the Sakhalin passes east - the Siberian greetings! It is the biggest   the sheet of a moderate zone - under it easily hides the adult person. Still is Australian red kordiliny and New Zealand pestrolistye formiumy. All has got accustomed in astable   the Moscow climate!    
It has appeared what to grow up thermophilic palm trees   in a capital court yard simply: they figurative,   grow in small tubs. And winter at a warm entrance. With approach of heat them again take out in a court yard, digging in tubs in the earth. And the New Zealand and Australian plants have appeared more proof: wintering at an entrance is not required to them.  
- I at first wanted the house suit a winter garden, - Valery tells about the reason of this hobby unusual to the man, - has seen at the familiar house a greenhouse from 200 flowerpots and tubs. Has wanted same to organise at itself. But it was found out that in my apartment that is not enough light and humidity not. Here palm trees on street also have moved. It was found out that they there perfectly feel themselves! Have bought still that impressed with quantity.  
we Pass sidewalk and we go to caucasus - In gorge dolmenov (vertically put boulders. - Red.) .   In the centre -   a boulder in height from the five years` child.
- I named this stone   a centre of the universe - tells Borisov, - its guest workers have brought since the next quarter. It at a dustbin rolled. Vagabonds on it for three thought.  
the Following point of excursion - the Moscow Holland . Here one week ago   otblagouhali three thousand tulips.
is there was a second flower show of this season, - the domestic flower grower, - this year, except tjulpanovogo the show, traditional for May,   is proud; the rhododendron of Shlipenbaha - a huge bush with gentle - pink petals smartly blossomed. In July will be show of lilies, in August - balzaminov.
Having estimated talent of the gardener - self-educated persons, the area justice has suggested it to participate in the tender for registration of the Garden of the Future at metro station Botanical garden .
Where to look: the unusual garden of Muscovite Valery Borisova is to the address: the m. item the Botanical garden street Agricultural, d. 11, a building 2.