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Galkin has started talking on Kabardian

On shootings Who wants to become the millionaire? to Maxim Galkin girls from group " have come; Factory - Sati Casanova and Ira Toneva. Charming young ladies have shown remarkable erudition. Questions from area of biology, a cinema and the literature they clicked as nutlets. Galkin, in turn, took and has started talking in Kabardian language! Sati Casanova which, as it is known, comes from Kabardino - Balkarii, listening to Maxim`s speech, exclaimed Afarm! that in transfer means gallant! the clear head! well done .   Whence Galkin knows the Kabardian? So it the professional linguist and in days of study in postgraduate study worked over the dissertation about features of transfer. Which - as about the Caucasian languages it was necessary to find out.
And here Sati and Ire in especially difficult situations even have tried to use a nursery schitalochkoj a stone - scissors - a paper . Fabrikantki have reached the sum of 100 thousand roubles. And further did not begin to risk - have taken away money.
Other participant of the program, singer Alexander Marshal so it was stirred behind a game table, what not always could answer independently questions and has quickly spent all helps. Then tried to persuade Galkin to make changes in game rules and to give one more possibility to receive the help from the outside. Maxim has, of course, refused.