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The fan - shuj - the forecast from December, 7 till December, 13th

on December, 7th, Thursday

From now on begins a season Jung dun - the middle of winter. During this period it is impossible to eat vjalenoe meat, it is necessary to limit sharply consumption of salty products and to increase quantity of the bitter. Heart and lungs are weakened.

on December, 8th, Friday

the Heavenly Emperor on fishing also cannot help today us with affairs neither in big, nor in the small. Remained without the highest prigljada, ancient Chineses rushed to all heavy, idled and had fun. And you solve...

on December, 9th, Saturday

Pohvalny any labour eagerness, thirst of knowledge and trade. Today day of augmentation when it is necessary to save experience and resources. There are instructions on love affairs, but they will be short and can discourage.

on December, 10th, Sunday

Day of great causes when we have all for success achievement. Treasuries are overflowed are means that stored experience, and means it is necessary to start up knowledge on achievement of important problems. Otherwise they will be gone in vain. To Waste time on small cares - gnevit stars.

on December, 11th, Monday

the Messenger of the Heavenly Emperor patronises people creative: today it is offered to them to work. However, to give life to the ideas, the help from the outside is required to you. Good day to start new business.

on December, 12th, Tuesday

will be Today happiness to workers of mass-media, advertisers and all what career is connected with the notification and news. The rests need to be engaged in private life only.

on December, 13th, environment

Successful time to start new affairs, especially if it is connected with manipulations with money. On a broader scale it is good day for activity any kinds, except travel and love affairs.

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