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Doctor Musja SHKURPATOVA lives and works in clinic Bembi - it is possible to see, how it helps on receptions to the head physician to Elena ZHUKOVOJ. musja has so become skilled in questions   veterinary science that we have invited her   to conduct a heading in the Nature corner . A leah

to Insert teeth to the old man

At ours 10 - a summer cat the bottom canine has dropped out. With what it is connected and   a leah dangerously it?
Marina, Moscow.

Dear Marina! Unfortunately, and at us, cats, by an old age teeth drops out. In general, it is not dangerous. However leaves traces on feeding - is better to pass to your cat to canned food for elderly animals, there and a consistence approaching, and different vitamins for old men having a tail are provided.

Look to a beast in a mouth - if at teeth bad, with caries and a scale it would be necessary to reduce the pupil to the doctor. Removal of a stone and the decayed teeth, by the way, can solve one more problem of four-leg pensioners - an unimportant smell from a mouth.

Good canines for animals are very important, it is a thing status. Without teeth we cease to feel predators.

However it does not mean that we should insert new canines instead of the lost. This useless, dreary and expensive employment - how much to a beast under anaesthetic in vain it is necessary to lie! The False teeth should be protected more than natural, and hardly it will be possible to inspire it to a cat.

How to struggle with the cat`s eels

Hello, Musja! At my cat (4 years) round a mouth the black points similar on eels. Kesha them combs a paw, they open, and such impression that is larvae of fleas. Explain, please, that it can be and how for it to be treated?
unsigned, it is sent on e - a mail.

Most likely, it is usual cat`s eels (akne). Yes, imagine, it suffer not only human teenagers, but also quite polovozrelye cats and cats.  

Eels in itself are not terrible, it is possible to squeeze out them and any time to wipe a muzzle spirit, tincture of a calendula or hlorgeksidinom. But it is very frequent on akne sit down fungi and bacteria which amaze all skin as a whole, deprive of a beast of moustaches and etc. it would be ideal to hand over soskob in clinic to pick up treatment precisely through illness.   if such possibility is not present, it is possible to recommend to wash the amazed places shampoo from dandruff (cat`s!) . If will not help, it is possible to grease a chin   the favourite a small amount lamizila.

Akne happens often from improper feeding, therefore result the cat`s table in norm.

Ideal food for the favourite

Musenka! We live together with 14 - a summer kitty Marochkoj, anything for it it is not a pity, any money, sterns I buy most expensive, for elderly animals. A leah correctly I do?
Nina Georgievna Nikitchenko, Moscow.

Perfectly! Remember only that the main thing in the cat`s food - monotony. You can   sometimes to give it a slice beef pechenki or hearts (but not fish!) However   absolutely hardly - hardly not to break a diet.

Certainly, the best meal for a cat are mice. Who would argue! But in the conditions of their city it is quite possible to replace with a qualitative forage. A leah

Is protection against warm worms

Hi, Musechka! In last number ZHU has read about terrible warm worms dirofiljary which transfer mosquitoes. And a leah it is possible as - nibud from them to be protected?
with hope a sheep-dog of Lora.

Buy drops on holku Stronghold . It is enough powerful tool which protects from fleas, pincers, mosquitoes, kills worms and - the most important thing! - already bred dirofiljary in blood of a dog. To repeat processing it is necessary every month.

the inoculation

What for is necessary To me of 5 years. Last time have inoculated 3 years ago. A leah It is necessary to repeat it or enough once?
the Rate Martin.

Dear Martin! You as endanger two years the life, after all the inoculation operates only one year! In Moscow suburbs it is a lot of furiousness, you easily can come across a mad hedgehog, sniff at it, catch itself and infect people. Furiousness is not treated in any way, it is the guaranteed death. So ask the owner to reduce you to the doctor! The inoculation from all illnesses will manage on the average in 400 rbl. If money is not present, a prick from furiousness should make free of charge in the state clinic.


it is possible to write Muse Shkurpatovoj to the address: news@ with a mark the Nature corner .
Also the doctor very much wants to see the patients - do not hesitate to put a photo!