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Pleasures and state of emergency a Kinotavr

the Main prize a Kinotavr - the image of the sun which are sitting down in the sea.

Mamonova nearly have not arrested

Peter Mamonov this year has arrived on a film festival with a film crew of a film of Paul Lungina Island . And at once has drawn to itself attention not only participants of a film forum, but also law enforcement officers. It walked about across Sochi in the shorts reminding clothes of prisoners, - in is white - a black strip, and also in black socks, a black T-shirt and the same colour shoes. The person high, thin and grown with a bristle in such dress should involve in itself of attention of security guards of the law and order. They at first have demanded from strongly pronounced hippie documents. But not only the identification card, but also a badge of the participant of a film festival at Mamonova during that moment has not appeared. the suspicious person nearly have not taken away in a pre-trial detention centre, and friends of the actor had to explain long militias who is who. All other days at festival Peter in not ordinary kind did not appear, unless on a hostel beach Pearl .

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne - the special visitor of festival. It has arrived here on opening of the exhibition of a drawing.

Balabanov was detained by security guards

Even if our militia does not learn actors, directors and for a long time. Alexey Balabanov popularity to which has come after its films the Brother the Brother - 2 and War in enough - taki in the decent dress went on presentation of the new picture To me it is not sick . It was accompanied by the representative of organising committee of a film festival. The woman, moving apart a chest crowd, rushed ahead. And Balabanov, talking by a mobile phone, has a little lagged behind. And just during this moment the workers who have surrounded the area of militia have suspended the director and have asked to show a badge. Alexey so was fond of conversation that has not paid to them attention. Then the person in the civilian has seized Balabanov by a hand and has started to demand documents. It was necessary to see the person of the director during this moment! It simply was stunned! Fortunately, the organizer accompanying him has noticed that its ward is ready to be got involved in dismantlings, has returned and has pulled out Balabanov from militia paws, with indignation having exclaimed: Same the known director! security guards still for a long time puzzly exchanged glances - until someone from crowd has not prompted: Yes same what has removed the Brother !

Maxim Galkin is able to have a rest with taste. The attention has been riveted on it almost all visitors, and it lavished smiles to the right and on the left.

Galkin has tamed waves

Maxim has arrived on a Kinotavr First of all to give a solo concert in a hall Festival . The leader the Millionaire has lodged in number a suite hostels Pearl on 13 - m a floor. The actor plans to stay in Sochi already to 18 - go numbers. Speak, and Alla Pugacheva should approach.

Maxim Galkin has saddled the scooter, despite not absolutely suitable weather.

In day of arrival the humorist who has been dressed up in a suit morjachka, has visited a party of one glossy magazine. And in the number, according to the porter, has returned in the second to o`clock in the morning under a hand with the beautiful girl.

next morning, in day of a concert, Maxim dressed only in fashionable swimming trunks in a floret, has dared at walk on the scooter. In spite of the fact that the sea was restless, barrels a strong wind and waves raged, Galkin has saddled a water motorcycle. Pleasure it not from cheap - for 15 minutes of a trip on the scooter take from thousand roubles. Having driven, Maxim sunbathed on a beach a little, and has then gone to have dinner with the Sochi friends in the Georgian restaurant Iverija .

News continent Feodor Bondarchuk learns from the concert of the humorist has passed with the full notice. To surprise of admirers, Maxim even sparodiroval Alla Pugachevu that did not do earlier. Galkin has altered a known hit of the Prima donna Three happy days on Three hungry days having devoted to its diet on a blood type which Alla Borisovna recently adhered. Then the humorist has washed a successful concert with the chief of the First channel having a rest in Sochi Konstantin Ernest and his wife Larissa Sinelshchikovoj.

Michael Efremov has taught modest woman Liju Ahedzhakovu to bawl songs on the area.

Stars have broken furniture on the VIP - a terrace

That stars had a rest and have relaxed, organizers of festival suit for them the closed parties on special the VIP - a terrace. Alcohol and coffee there give to drink free of charge, and here feedings it is not supposed. Probably, absence of appetizer also has played with visitors a malicious joke.

for the second evening the people so is incendiary danced that have broken tables and chairs and raskolotil glasses. Participated in a disgrace gilt youth : Julja Menshov, Oksana Fandera, Katya Semenova, Feodor Bondarchuk, Denis Yevstigneyev, Michael Efremov, Anton Tabakov, Alexey Makarov. As a result, as has told Katya Semenova, on the VIP - parties to stars have forbidden to dance...

Igor Petrenko and its civil wife Ekaterina Klimov soon become young parents.

Igor Petrenko is going to become the father

Other stars too do not miss. Michael Efremov, for example, on each party cheerfully dances and sings under a karaoke. Even modest woman Liju Ahedzhakovu the actor has taught to bawl songs in crowd during the big concert on the area.

Dmitry Dibrov has arrived on a Kinotavr one, without the girl Dashi. And there and then in a local bar has got acquainted with the pretty blonde.

Alena Babenko appears on a beach in the company of son Nikita.

Feodor Bondarchuk rented the yacht and has for days on end a rest with a family in the sea.

actor Igor Petrenko who has Arrived one of these days on a film festival has shared with visitors a Kinotavr joyful news:

- In some months I will become the father!

The matter is that Petrenko`s civil wife actress Ekaterina Klimov has decided to present to the beloved of the kid. We will remind, from - for this beauty the actor has left the lawful wife. And Katya, in turn, has left from the husband, having taken away a small daughter. On hearings, the actress now is on the fifth month of pregnancy.


for What victories to wait from festival?

At the moment of signing of number we yet do not know, what film will defeat on a Kinotavr but which - what preliminary results we can already bring. And the reporting from festival closing read in tomorrow`s number.

Favourites from the very beginning all named pictures To me it is not sick Alexey Balabanov, Live Alexander Veledinsky and Representing a victim Cyril Serebrennikov. But now film experts designate victory to Elena Grohovsky`s film The person irrevocable with Galina Loginovoj in a leading role. And spectator sympathies has won Island Paul Lungina. During viewing of history from life of three friars (them Victor Sukhorukov, Dmitry Djuzhev and the leader of group " have played; Sounds of Mu Peter Mamonov) visitors of festival did not hide some tears.


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