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Koptsev listened to charge silently

the Bill of particulars 20 - to summer Alexander Koptsevu have read in the Moscow City Court which boardroom has been hammered by people: process has begun as opened.
- Koptsev is accused of attempt at two and more persons on motives of national and religious hostility, - declared the public prosecutor of the Cyrus we HOOT.
All this time Alexander was silent. And when it have asked, a leah recognises it the fault, has sustained a pause, having waited a complete silence in a hall, and has blurted out:
- As the Criminal code is written by the Jewish mafia, I refuse to plead guilty.
After that statements a press have asked to leave a premise - under the request at once both victims, and the party accused. So indications miracle of the survived people listened already behind the closed doors.
the Public prosecutor of the Cyrus we Hoot has told to court that Koptsev tried to attack church-goers in two other capital synagogues (already wrote about it in numbers from 13. 01. 06 and 04. 02. 06).
we hoot has informed that since 2004 Koptsev studied on the Internet of article and the book of the Antisemitic maintenance, where Jews are enemies of persons of Russian nationality .
From - for it he also has decided to kill Jews - took a fatherly hunting knife and began to search on the Internet of the address of synagogues.
- Murder it could not finish on circumstances not dependent on it - the victim had been rendered timely medical aid, - has concluded we Hoot.
Despite mental frustration, physicians - experts recognised as its made. When declare a sentence - it is not known. Ahead - a long train of judicial sessions in which course the judge should hear indications of nine victims and 30 witnesses.