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Fate, football and Petrosyan

this year organizers, as always, have resulted the western actors, than have once again confirmed a rank the Maxidrome as international festival. However, this time from loud names were only The Cardigans - remember a clip on ridiculous song My Favourite Game where in the end to the soloist tears off a head? This time the soloist of group Nina became, by the way, the unique woman participating in feste. The last some years participated in a concert Zemfira, but this year it for the reasons could not arrive.  

Also from more - less decent has been invited IAMX which Chris Korner heads frontmen groups Sneaker Pimps. The group to Russia has gone not so long ago to weights and all from - that Chris has written a soundtrack to a sensational film the Tin . By the way, actor Gosha Kutsenko also lighted in a picture, has specially arrived on the Maxidrome to declare exit IAMX.

On the threshold of matrimony Gljuk`Oza (Natasha Ionova) visits with groom Alexander Chistjakovym fate - concerts.

Were also already become obsolete the musical century Fools Garden, somebody Pete Murray, general public not very known. And why - that Boomfunk MC.

has not managed and without Latvians Brainstorm who already so have strongly located with the songs on the Russian radio stations that them already accept for the.

the Russian side represented Dances the Minus the Dolphin BI - 2 . Has this time done without compound shows for which was famous hitherto the Maxidrome . Unless the Dolphin with companions has stepped on the stage in a silvery survival suit in obtjagon and its guitarist in the end of performance raskolotil - taki the guitar.

Vyacheslav Petkun has caused a stir a video series - during its performance on the big screens images of various bottoms - figures - type of Verki Serdjuchki, Ksjushi Sobchak, Evgenie Petrosyan were broadcast. When on a press - conferences have asked to Vyacheslav a question And at what here Petrosyan and the company? roker has responded: And why is not present? It seems to me, they are very beautiful people, and Petrosyan, in particular. It has decorated my performance . The majority have understood humour of Petkuna.

Soloist Brainstorm of Rejnars directly not on - children`s played a scene with fire.

When left depressushno - psychodelic IAMX, the hall has calmed down and only devoutly clapped after everyone viscously - an aggressive composition.

it is unconditional, charismatic leader Brainstorm of Rejnars, something similar to our Lagutenko, has forced Olympic to stand on ears. The musician obviously was in good mood and has got a hall from a half-turn.

Vyacheslav Petkuna was difficult for suspecting of love to Petrosyan. Nevertheless it is the fact.

But most of all public came off under our independent Ukrainian brothers Ocean Elzi . Soloist Svjatoslav Vakarchuk did not feel sorry energy and vocal chords to shake a hall. And as a result at it it has turned out. From surplus of emotions Glory has tried to break off on itself a vest of football club the Dynamo Kiev, but it is unsuccessful.  

By the way, the majority of stars all concert thought more of the World championship on football which passes now in Germany. All actors, including and The Cardigans, constantly asked organizers of action results of the football matches which were passing at the same time, as a concert.

After the Maxidrome has come to an end, almost all actors who were taking part in feste, have gone on a party to club Cinema where have arranged jam - session. Walks have ended already at daybreak.