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What repair of the MISINFORMATION do in apartment free of charge

the MISINFORMATION Heard about a certain list of works for tenants at the expense of money resources. It would be desirable to learn, which repair kommunalshchiki do free of charge?
Inga Shkurjaeva,   JUgo - the Western district.

As have explained in capital Department housing - municipal services, in everyone to the MISINFORMATION there is a list of free services for tenants. More correctly, owners of apartments wholly fork up every month for this repair work in a pay-sheet line “ habitation Payment “ (or “ Servicing “ “ Repair and the habitation maintenance “ - in each financial settlements centre can write to the).

Pay attention: such repair do on identical conditions irrespective of a departmental accessory of habitation and pattern of ownership on it. That is both in privatised, and in municipal, and in office apartment the emergency brigade is obliged to rectify free of charge following faults (see the table).

In addition tenants have the right to demand free replacement of a site in length to one metre of the pipeline to santehpriboram at a numerous leak. And also irrespective of, private habitation or municipal.

Works the Standard date of performance from the moment of demand receipt in dispatching service
Change of linings, stuffing of epiploons at vodozapornoj armatures with leak elimination During change (at kommunalshchikov it usually lasts 12 hours)
Installation of an insert for a saddle of the valve, polyethylene nozzles to ventilnoj to a head Within days
Elimination of a leak or change flexible podvodki joinings of sanitary devices, change of releases, modulations, siphons, sites of pipelines to santehpriboram, replacement of rubber cuffs of a toilet bowl, podchekanka a solution During change
Adjustment smyvnogo a tank with leak elimination During change
Strengthening of the loosened toilet bowl, a laver, a bowl, a sink Within days
Elimination zasorov internal sewer pipelines and the sanitary devices which have occurred not because of living During change
Procleaning and washing of the internal water drain Two times a year
Adjustment and adjustment of hot water supply and heating with liquidation neprogrevov, air stoppers, Washing of pipelines and heating devices, replacement faulty polotentsesushitelej (standard), zapornoj and regulating armature (gates, three-running cranes, cranes of double adjustment, air cranes) Within three days
Check of a technical status of gas devices (standard), if necessary with replacement of the failed parts and details Under enterprise Gorgaza schedule
the Same, without replacement of the failed sites and details, greasing of cranes, procleaning of torches and atomizers, burning adjustment in gas devices (irrespective of type) During change
Check of a technical status of electric stoves (standard), If necessary with replacement of the failed parts and details Under the schedule of the specialised enterprise
the Same, without replacement of the failed sites and details, adjustment of work of electric stoves and electrowater heaters (irrespective of type) During change
Obshchestroitelnye of work in the volumes necessary for maintenance of operational qualities of building designs: small repair of floors, window and door fillings, liquidation of consequences of leakings (not because of living) and other malfunctions In the terms co-ordinated with the applicant
(cξγλΰρνξ to the application 1 to the order of the first deputy of the prime minister of the government of Moscow Ή 1590 - RZP from 29. 06. 92)

Where to be converted if the dog

on my grand daughter in the street in the street has bitten Recently the vagrant dog has snatched. Canines has torn to it trousers. On a foot of the girl a bruise and a scratch. I am stirred, suddenly a dog mad. Where to be converted in such cases and a leah it is necessary to do pricks to the child?

Svetlana Mihajlovna Andrianov,   Fili - Davydkovo.

As have explained in management of Rospotrebnadzora across Moscow, it is necessary to inform on an attack of a dog in your regional justice to the expert in fauna. He will send the demand for catching of an animal in a special urban service. Hunters should arrive within two weeks.

If the dog is sick of furiousness then to catch from it it is possible through stings, scratches, a saliva, and also through the subjects polluted by the infected saliva. Therefore, even if at you only a scratch, it is necessary to be converted faster into fracture clinic in a residence. Important: inoculations against furiousness do by the victim free of charge irrespective of, a leah is at the person the policy of obligatory medical insurance. The domestic vaccine thus used by doctors practically does not give complications and develops high immunity. The complete course of inoculations consists all of six pricks on 1 ml everyone. Them do in a shoulder.

By the way, physicians urgently recommend: if your dog has attacked the person, do not escape, and inform bitten the address, bring a beast on vetstantsiju for survey and supervision.

That such norm of the area

Our family from five persons lives in close “ dvushke “. Would like to register in housing turn. Heard that it is possible, if the norm of the area on the person is not observed. What is it and a leah is still any requirements?

Vera Korobova,   JUgo - East district.

As have explained in Department of a housing policy and available housing of Moscow, for interested persons to get to housing turn the term “ norm of the area “ irrespective of pattern of ownership it is deciphered so:

  in separate apartment - if on everyone living it is necessary less than 10 square metres of a total area;
  in a communal flat - if on everyone living it is necessary less than 15 square metres of a total area.

In these cases it is possible to apply for the state habitation. Besides, there are still at least two basic requirements: Residing at Moscow (that is a constant residence permit) in total not less than ten years and the official status needy (the social security gives out the inquiry on your poverty). Depending on a concrete situation in housing department of your justice will tell about other conditions of statement in turn.   and free apartment are obliged to hand over on social norm - 18 “ squares “ a total area on the person.

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