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Factory little girls wait for the help of the government

We Yaroslavs TANKOVOJ " have received more than one and a half thousand letters, responses on a site and two hundreds calls on a cycle of publications of our special correspondent; As I was the girl factory .

to the Majority of readers gave thanks for the publication. Were and offended.

But almost all had one general conclusion - the requirement: Let this material will read our government and will answer: why such strategically important branch, how light industry, at us in such decline and when any measures at last will be taken? with all materials we direct this question to a reception of the President of Russia and as soon as we will receive the answer, we will by all means print it on pages of our newspaper. For now we will publish some endurances from your statements.

Thanks for article!

the Sleepyhead:
the Girl washing, how you have sustained? My mum - the weaver. Were, old. Reads you and cries. About the youth without love, about hands vosmipalyh. I, thank God, have married the good person. And it and has not lived.

Thank God, has paid attention to real problems of Russia. At last - that there was article not about weddings of oligarchs, and about for what bill they show off.

Anja, Zelenograd:
My mum at factory worked. Also has died of such life. The professional asthma has developed. Once have not found a medicine. And has choked in shop. Also do not dare to shut companies to those who tells about it!

Vadim, Peter:
it is sad, when to you show Russia without a glamour make-up. But it what did not suffice.

What horror!

Sanja, Zaporozhye - Yalta, Ukraine:
Maids it is a pity. And for children on a broader scale a lump to a throat. What for them waits for the good?

It is young:
Here so they also have died out... But misters! You wanted capitalism? You have received it. Why - that thought that all will be rich. No. The uncle who has bought factory, will be rich, and all the others both were slaves, and remained.

Anja, Zelenograd:
My God, poor people... I will never complain of the salary more. I do not represent, as it is possible to live on 3000 in a month. And furthermore on 1000. In village though the potato. And here... Very terribly.

I Protest!

Lera, Egoryevsk:
To me it is very insulting for the city. It at us very beautiful, pure, well-groomed, green! And the gone to pieces factories and dirty hostels suffices across all Russia...

Ma - and - askvichka has gone, pretended to be, knowing that in Ma - and - askve apartment, work, shops. There is nothing to scoff at people!

Ljuda, Egoryevsk:
Hearings that from Egoryevsk carry a yarn in Ivanovo, are incorrect! The chintz is developed from 54 - go yarn counts by which in Egoryevsk do not do. I do not know, why so equipment of factory by a new yarn, but not from - for it has stopped. Probably, it was necessary to weave the old. And now gradually all passes to a modern yarn Riter .

Who is guilty?

it was necessary to study, arrive in normal high school, then and normal work was. And if to guzzle vodka from 8 years...

the Deputy, the State Duma:
Everyone chooses the way. All depends on education, education and pressing forward to life.

the Malicious Finn, Helsinki:
Russian customs. And for all enemies search. The most important enemy for itself are you. In what else country people suppurate similar...

And at us in a court yard...

In Orehovo - Zueve at local factory of the woman was zaroptali on bestial conditions, have tried to stand up for the rights, but the director of their enterprise quickly has calmed Having promised to throw out all collective on street, and in exchange to type working women from adjacent areas. On alien it will save much more. And rebellion has calmed down.

I lived In such hostel, and not where - that there in periphery, and in the centre of Moscow. An institute hostel, but conditions same: both a shower, and drunks, and rats, and vonishcha.

Vladimir, Kemerovo:
So Russia also lives. To take the Kemerovo mechanical factory. Z/ p 1000 - 2000 roubles, give once a quarter.

Borka, Israel:
you think, at us it is better? In heat shops. Fans in great demand, the national majority - Arabs - can humiliate Russian. Immigrants at the enterprise are deprived of civil rights.

Worked as the seamstress - motoristkoj in private to shop. Once the owner has lowered quotations. Has wanted to receive more than profit. We have arranged strike. The most important thing was to force people to sit on places, instead of to leave home. Otherwise on vacant places new seamstresses would be employed. The businessman has sustained day. We have defeated also have calculated the quotations!

Elena, Orenburg:
the Situation is much worse. Yaroslav Tankova has got on GOOD factory where on a broader scale PAY. At us on the textile gave out inquiries on which it was possible otovaritsja in prifabrichnyh shops the poor-quality goods at inflated prices.

What to do?

And and:
Why to the mayor of Egoryevsk not to make similar experiment and not to live in this hostel?

the European:
Girls and women, find husbands abroad, in Europe or the USA, and leave in the best life, instead of agree on such penal servitude.

the Penny, Orsk:
Here is how have solved a problem with one hostel in Ekaterinburg: for rouble have passed a merchant without the right of dismissal of old tenants, that has immediately lifted up a communal flat above, than the average salary in a city. People in a hostel, of course, could not pay, and - on a frost!

it is necessary though occasionally such articles to read to the Government to become closer to the people. And it is even better - to arrange unloading months on such here factories, that both with rats, and in a shower with a rag, and all other colour.


For what I regret

I have received some sad responses from   readers who fairly lived and worked at Soviet Union. They were offended by definition a scoop in relation to the disgraces described by me. My dear, but I did not mean the heroic past of our Great Power! a scoop - definition which already stably concerns to 80 - m when all good has collapsed, and remained bad carefully masked lies and a facade. Anyway henceforth I will try to be accurater with this definition.

Have called and have written pair of the merited weavers from Egorevsky industrial complex and have reproached me that I them has humiliated chronicles of unpleasant trifles; generalisation: Not at all children - teenagers are engaged in sex on corners! expensive women, overwhelming majority sympathising you, instead of responses denouncing you confirm that I have not humiliated you!

I have described professional and household features the majority - not all it is universal! Weavers smell not because slovens that is why that work heavy, and on deodorants save! Have a shave because slovens that is why that consider it an excess on which it is possible not to waste time. I fine realise that, it appear in those conditions, I would do as!

- But what for all it to write? - Women take offence. - at us an arduous toil, on that we and workers. Write about our achievements, how self-denyingly we work...

So I and about it have written! But I the journalist also should write EVERYTHING that I see. Our reader, on researches, basically - middle class. And I tell to this middle class as now there lives modern working class from the Russian remote places. Naturally, I describe features. Features are at all! I try to understand and at once to explain the reasons...

Certainly, Egorevsky industrial complex - not a harm nest. Simply now all light industry in decline and in many places as the same readers write, much worse! And I understand, how it is heavy to become an example, on which study the phenomenon . Therefore anyway I ask for forgiveness for involuntarily caused pain.


Dear readers!

Where still it is necessary to go to correspondents, about what problems to tell?

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