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Cемилетний Serezha has got under a tram and the second-grader marinskoj schools № 1147 Serezha Nitin from Guryanov`s street has survived

On Saturday has gone with mum and the father on walk and on shops. Parents cannot understand till now, how it has turned out that at transition of tram ways to the Warsaw highway the son has appeared under tram wheels.

20 - the ton large object could not stop instantly... An ear ring has clamped between the bottom of a tram and rails. The eyewitnesses, healthy muzhiks, have rushed to the aid. They have tried to pull out the boy for feet. Did not leave - wheels did not give in. Adults have called rescuers accurately to liberate Serezhu from a tram vice.

- It kept courageously, did not cry, - Alexey Kolmogorov from the Moscow service of rescue tells. - has cried only when it have pulled out and have put on a stretcher. We then have still thought that it is a good sign - means, the boy in consciousness and at it still is forces.

the Tram lifted the crane - wrecker Tsentrospasa - it has appeared most close to a place of state of emergency. Difficult system of cables and lomov have fixed under headlights so that the car nose has slowly gone upwards and the child as lay, a stomach downwards have dragged up to a stretcher.

- the Distance between rails and the car bottom was such small that the adult person there simply would crush, - doctors " have told; Fast “. - And our patient all - taki remained is live, though and there are hand and foot crises.

- Already it is now clear that the child translated through road to the forbidden place, - Konstantin Chujko, the deputy the chief of traffic police of Southern district speaks. - in June this second road accident with participation of the schoolboy. Pass road only on a pedestrian crossing and do not let out a hand of the child from the. And small children take from carriages on hands.


In hospital was imposed was found out that crises have appeared more serious, than it seemed to doctors first. Along toward evening Serezhe have made   operation. Alas, to avoid amputation of a brush and foot it was not possible...