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Berman and Zhandarev again torture stars at night

This couple of film experts has become famous during the stay of channel TVS: there Boris Berman and Ildar Zhandarev conducted the program Without the report where on the air in the evenings arranged to stars cross-examination. Transfer was visited by hundreds celebrities though in a party of leaders were rather afraid - those who is wanted could tyre out in deadlock the questions.
After closing of TVS Berman and Zhandarev have left an aether and removed documentary films for the First channel. There was at them an attempt to make big a current - show about cinema but as - that their this transfer was not looked to the heads. And here after almost five years leaders come back to well forgotten old. Now they prepare a current - show At this time of night which will leave on the First channel three times a week. The concept former: One star and two leaders which ask the visitor about everything, including weather and a situation in the Near East. Thus by old tradition of Ildar Zhandarev will incur a role of the kind inspector which is inclined to believe star words, and Boris Berman will be the inspector malicious and with cynicism peculiar to it will try to tyre out the visitor in deadlock.
Unique difference of the new program from old Without the report - the air it is not expected. That is why some celebrities have already been interrogated by leaders, and spectators will see the written down interviews since next week. Maxim Galkin who has reported for nicely lived 30 years of the life became the first visitor Bermana and Zhandareva.