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What for to us Heart on sale ?

At many at the mention of a word transplantology eyes badly gleam: we Know these doctors if only at the live person for kidney money to pull out ... Physicians only also are in time otbrykivatsja from unfounded charges. But how to change public opinion, if in Russia really with transplantology not simply badly - a misfortune.
Almost hour while there was a film about those who needs a spare-part surgery, I worried for 5 - summer Nina Sidorov, not on - children`s arguing on transplants and medicines, for 14 - summer I Babble, such fragile that to it hardly will give years 8. At them in eyes such pain that is a shame: you sit here, healthy and happy, you stare in the screen.
You see people whom it is bad, but nobody explains what to make, that it became better. When in news say that blood of my group is necessary, I understand: it is necessary to jump and run. And what here? What to me to do with all these experiences? Authors of a film about it have told nothing.
the Subject is delicate, here will not tell simply: companions spectators supposedly be people if your close not to help any more, allow to take from it a vital for this purpose who else can be rescued. What then? What remains after a film, except gloomy bitter feeling? Alas, anything...