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Jokes in number

While officials think how to realise the commission of the president about improvement of a demographic situation in the country, workers of drugstores have already armed with needles.
Rules of football grammar:
1. If on collars the player of Portugal it is written " beat; the Fig was hammered by a ball .
2. If on collars the player of Russia it is written " beat; Figs has hammered in a ball .
Two blondes stand at a bus stop. One waits for the bus number 2, and another - number 7. There comes the bus number 27.
One of blondes:
- About, in a fantastic way! Together we will go!
do not drink on work in the mornings strong coffee, and that will not fall asleep till a dinner!
- the Father, speak, from next year year will increase for 1 second - the Earth slows down the rotation.
- the pancake, spoke - do not shuffle, when go!
- the Father and that means to groan ?
- to Groan is to ache, but for a good reason...
- you Represent? Now in the street again any boor has stuck to me!
- and you that? As usual, has kept silent and has left?
- and what to do? The grandfather learnt - to kill me only so much, how much can eat...
the Teacher of work:
- Today at a lesson we will do a coffin.
- what for?
- to Hide to me it is necessary...
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