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With vigorous morning!

do not do sharp movements
at Night activity of all our systems is slowed down, and, completely to come to the senses, organism simply is necessary time. For example, arterial pressure for an hour before awakening on 10 - 20 units below day, and frequency of warm reductions - on 10 - 15 units is more rare.
If at once to jump on an alarm clock, it is possible to feel dizziness, palpitation and front sights before eyes. It ortostaticheskie infringements - pressure plays pranks when we sharply pass from horizontal in vertical position.
to avoid this trouble, it is necessary to make active brain blood circulation at first.
Before to jump off from a bed, be properly pulled, as a kitty, and some times, lying on a back, tighten knees to a chest.
Warm from within!
It appears, to have a shower bath cold water in the mornings not so it is useful. The matter is that at night body temperature on 0,6 - 0,8 degrees below day. And when we wake up, the organism was not warmed yet to the necessary, working temperature.
Therefore a cold shower - original shock. It will help to be stirred up, slightly will improve superficial blood circulation, but will not give a vivacity charge for all day.
the Organism will fast settle into shape, if properly it to warm, including from within. So the hot shower and a hot breakfast in the mornings is much more useful.
the Breakfast eat itself, and it is more
For a pair of clocks before awakening in our organism insulin development amplifies. It is occupied by glucose processing in energy. And by the time of awakening sugar stocks in our organism are fairly exhausted. In 7 - 9 mornings at us in blood the lowest maintenance of sugar (therefore also the analysis on sugar it is necessary to hand over only in the morning and on an empty stomach).
And if properly not to eat, the status close to gipoglikemii (sugar insufficiency), - a fog in a head, weakness, slackness, irritability is possible.
Means, to have breakfast more usefully densely, and it is desirable to eat something sweet. Besides fibers, fats and the carbohydrates received to 12 o`clock in the afternoon, are processed by an organism almost completely, instead of postponed for waists.
Also it is not necessary to put sports records in the morning - to an organism and so there is no energy. The campaign in fitness is better for making after 16 hours, and jog - before going to bed.
in the Morning to make quiet gymnastics with prevalence of the aerobic exercises directed on saturation of blood by oxygen is better. All peak exercises and elements concern them respiratory gimnastik, yogas, a chi kung.
Why in the mornings bad mood?
Have fallen asleep are full of plans and in perfect mood, wake up more gloomy a cloud... What has occurred, while you slept?
And here that. There is an emission endorfinov - our hormones of happiness in the evening. And by the morning this stock thaws, accordingly mood on zero. To lift it the meal in which the substances stimulating development endorfinov contain will help. It is chocolate, cocoa, bananas, grapefruits.
By the way, madly tasty dessert cheering up, - the roasted bananas watered with hot chocolate.
25 % of almost healthy people feel low in the mornings also indispositions.
Than still it is possible to lift a tone?
Properly to be stirred up with utretsa will help adaptogeny. It is possible to try different schemes. For example:
0,5 g askorbinki plus two tablets of an extract of green tea;
25 - 30 drops pantokrina plus 10 - 15 drops of tincture aralii manchzhurskoj;
on 20 - 25 drops of tincture levzei and rodioly pink;
a glass of grape juice (it is better from dark grades) plus 30 - 35 drops of tincture of a ginseng.
to Accept better to meal. But - the attention - from reception adaptogenov can become frequent pulse and rise pressure. So and to hypertensive persons it is better to cores to discuss the scheme of reception with the doctor at first.