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Elena Safonova: With the years all is more interesting to live

When - that in conversation with me Lena has told:
- Life of a star is unfamiliar to me. Not because I above it. At us easy, graceful and convenient life, unfortunately, is not provided. And it necessarily enters into concept a star .
it has not turned out Graceful, easy and convenient life from the very beginning. Lena was quickly discouraged in a scene when after institute has entered Theatre of Komissarzhevsky in Peter. intrigues, gossips, struggle for a role between actresses is and there is a stationary theatre. It is more there a foot   - in a youth the actress has promised to itself and the promise has executed. Many years Lena plays only in an enterprise, where the troupe gathers to play one play, therefore there are no intrigues and undercurrents, only - work.
When the commercial cinema arose and many actors concerned it with watchfulness, Lena one of the first was not afraid to risk, though understood that it is the big danger.
- the naked woman under Stalin`s portrait Sits and smokes marihuana - here it and there is a commercial cinema on - russki, - Lena spoke. - it is calculated on the most simple public whom submit that easier. Though commerce, to the contrary, - high level of a material, direction and actor`s game.
When almost each actor dreamt to act in film at Nikita Mikhalkov, Lena, having worked with it once ( Eyes black ) has dared on own opinion:
- At Mikhalkov the dramatic art fades into the background, and from the actor exact repetition of actions of the director is required only. I all time caught myself on thought: here now there will be a tail and I will start to do monkey`s grimaces. But I am not able and I can not copy. I should get to the bottom itself, differently I cease to conceive myself seriously.
For the majority of spectators Lena, of course, not the lady with the doggie and Olga from a melodrama the Winter cherry that is the main single mother of the country . The woman with radiant eyes,   at which, as well as at the majority why - that does not develop private life. This role not so pleased Lena, as prevented to prove to the actress. Suddenly as if once again to please to spectators Lena almost in accuracy repeats destiny of the heroine. It, the lonely woman with the child (Lena has elder son Ivan), abruptly changes the destiny - marries the foreigner and leaves with it to France.

Shots from films (from top to down): the Winter cherry (1990), the Princess on beans (1997) and the Female property (1998) .
In Paris Lena has learnt language so excellent that began to act in film and worked on a scene. Even captious French public who is very exacting to speech and a pronunciation of actors - foreigners, has accepted Lena as the. At cinema too at it all developed - she has acted in film in five films.
- Work is there more accurately organised, other terms of manufacture of a film, - so Lena in the beginning estimated changes in the creative destiny. - if the producer signs with you the contract for two months, means, you and will work within two months. Than still them the cinema essentially differs from ours   - great respect for the actor. If the actor badly feels, nobody will exhaust it on a set. There is no sense to remove it in the bad form today if tomorrow it is in good...  
Instead of living yes to rejoice, Safonova again makes dizzy kulbit. Throws hateful France because in due course there it has appeared difficult and boringly . Gets divorced from husband - men everywhere are identical . And Lena, by its recognition, the woman of absolutely unromantic warehouse to pretend to be for the sake of the temporal blessings not   is able. Also comes back to Moscow.
In France, except the ex-husband, there was a younger son who even through judicial instances did not manage to be taken away with itself to Russia. And though Lena understands that its child lives in good conditions, in an environment of love and care French grandfathers and grandmothers, it at all does not muffle melancholy.
the Outlet finds in elder son Ivan and more receives enormous pleasure from an enterprise under Leonid Filatova`s play Dangerous liaisons And more one atrepriznogo performance I Prepay . For work I go, as on a feast. Also I find out that with the years all becomes more interesting to live . It is not excluded that soon Lena will surprise all still with any change in life. There are at it producer ambitions and some plans concerning cinema and theatre. Which, from superstition she refuses to speak.