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As We have made of death of Longo show

, journalists, the big cynics. It seems, to all should get used. But, having looked on Monday at Malakhov`s program Let speak about secret of death of Yury Longo, could not fall asleep all night long.
Has begun with sensation which was told by hypnotist Goncharov. The pier, unknown force cleans absolutely healthy psychics: for last two - three years life was left by the whole group of magicians, and it very much disturbed its friend Juru. Alas, on dates converged nothing: the magicians listed to Goncharov died at all at once and is exact not in last two - three years. What for so frankly to say lies?
Here Malakhov solemnly declared about the woman who has spent last night with the magician. To us represent secretary Longo, heart-broken. There and then, under genre laws, there is a lawful wife of the magician Elena. Publicly dismisses the secretary. At the same time accuses the priest, refused to baptise the white magician that that is a stool pigeon. Artist Nikas Safronov and other priest certify a dignity ducks . One more priest demands from the widow to remove a dagger from a chest. What performance, what fun for the spectator! And in studio as devils from a washstand, already appear astral wives Longo. There and then, as usual, a question from a hall about astral sex with the sorcerer - also has gone - has gone...
my God, I thought, looking at dancing on bones on the air. Has not passed even forty days from Yury`s demise. What do you create?! The friend of youth Longo Goncharov doing public relations on his death. Spouse Elena who is pulling out family rubbish from apartment on potrebu of public. And wives astral? They that, in Ostankino have arrived on brooms? Them have found, TV men have invited. And those long-sufferingly waited behind side scenes of the exit.
But a main point: what for shows participated in it the ministers of an orthodox church denouncing the magician and predicting it geennu the fiery? Authority of church, I am afraid, it has not added.
Most of all it was a pity, of course, Yury Longo. It was the kind person, did to nobody harms. Also fooled - that public on - kind. It at all was not the magician, the sorcerer. The actor of an original genre, the conjurer, the hypnotist only carrying a mask of the magician. And not hiding it. It has appeared during an epoch of disorder of the Soviet empire. One made a fool of the people vouchers, others - sorcery. And who more from them is guilty - God will judge only. Instead of priests and especially not TV.