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The veterinary surgeon has sewn to a dog the torn off skin

Loss of favourite Kuchuma the inhabitant of Barnaul Lydia Stepanovna has noticed at once. It leaves every morning to walk with the two poodles and to feed stray dogs. This time Kuchuma she has not met. It has not come and in the evening. And next morning...
- To me has come running the neighbour, - Lydia Stepanovna remembers. - Has told: There was thy Kuchum, run more likely .
Behind garage she has seen a terrible picture. The dog lay stained with blood, the head is punched, on hinder legs to meat the skin is torn off. Probably, fleecers at first ogloushili an unfortunate animal also tried to skin a live dog. And then what for - that have suspended on a rope - to die.
Lydia Semenovna as could has bandaged Kuchumu the crippled paws and a head. By the evening there has arrived veterinary surgeon Alexander Sviridov. Operated directly in the street - near a building site, the whole four hours. In total have imposed thirty seams. Now the unfortunate dog though and slowly, but recovers. Yesterday from his head have removed a bandage. To go it cannot yet, but already sits down, well eats and tries to play with the Saviors. In eyes a rage, fear. Only a pain.
- Only you show to nobody, where it, - Lydia Stepanovna asks. - And that suddenly somebody will come and will kill.
the Veterinary surgeon promises that Kuchum will recover and will lead high-grade life.